Delight Directed Plans for Preschool, 4th Grade, and 8th Grade

It’s that time of year again! Parents are enrolling kids up at the local school. Or perhaps they are frantically filling out their planner for the new homeschool year.

As for us – we’ve been trucking right along all summer! Learning never ends here, and so we don’t really have a “back to school” time in our house.

However, since we just moved and our situation is so different, we are experiencing a beginning of sorts.  And now that Gaius is four, he is going through a learning explosion with letters and numbers. So he announced the other day that he was old enough to be in school.

So I today I am sharing what we have already been working on, as well as some things we plan to dig into this fall.

Back To School Giveaway Basket: Learn to Knit and Crochet

A long time ago, when I was pregnant with my middle daughterI got the sudden urge to learn how to crochet. My mom had tried to teach me in high school but I had neither the time nor the interest then.

So once again, I had my mom come and demonstrate the basics. I figured out the chain pretty quick and was onto single stitches. Double crochet was my favorite because it made a larger row. I think my first project was a scarf – one that turned out all crooked and wonky because I hadn’t perfected counting stitches (I didn’t think it was that important).

Our First Field Trip In Oklahoma: Wichita Mountains!


We’ve been in Oklahoma for a few weeks now, and in the midst of unpacking and settling down Jay had a 10 day vacation. We spent most of that time in search of furniture and taking care of business. But we did have plenty of time to explore the area!

Jay had been to Fort Sill for leadership training, and I flew down to attend his graduation. The one thing I remembered about the area was that there were lots of hillsI didn’t realize that Fort Sill sits at the base of a bonafide mountain range.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Saying Goodbye to Korea, Saying Hello to Oklahoma!

Hello again my friends! The past couple of months have been a roller-coaster ride of emotions. If you didn’t already know, our time in Korea was cut short due to Jay being selected for a job at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

So as the days grew warmer and summer began to blossom, we were in full gear taking care of our affairs to leave South Korea and see family for the first time in 15 months.

As per the usual military move, I was in a panic about the hundreds of things that needed to get done at the last minute. We were so stressed that we didn’t get to do some of the last things on our bucket list. But we did get to say goodbye to dear friends, and that is what mattered in the end.

Using discernment at homeschool conventions

Tis the season! Homeschoolers and homeschool bloggers are packing their bags and getting ready to attend all the conferences, curriculum sales, and conventions that start as early as February and run until August.

Although I’m not a huge attender of conventions (I used to have a very real fear of crowds and being touched by strangers), I understand the appeal. It’s like a sci-fi convention for a nerd – you can go and get your geeky fix of memorabilia, hear other geeks talk about your passions, and even make a few new friends.

Personally, I have attended 3 large homeschool conventions in my life, and several more smaller curriculum sales, presentations, and sharing days. I’ve enjoyed them for the most partI did a lot of research going in to the big conventions and was very selective about what presentations I attended.

Read about our trip to a conference in Kansas City.

Why does every homeschooler have to be an entrepreneur? Or a prodigy, hackschooler, or overachiever?

Homeschooling and unschooling are hard. Us homeschool moms put up with a lot of fears and pressure from both outside sources and inside the camp.

We want to show that we are not ruining our kids. That they can and will be just as capable of working with others, supporting themselves, overcoming adversities and challenges, and making the most of opportunities that come their way.

The way to do that is not by clinging onto this idea that our kids need to prove something to the world.

Rene Descartes For Kids {Unit Study}

Make sure to check out our other March birthday study – Kurt Russell!

Why were so many famous mathematicians also great philosophers!? Denna and I chose Rene Descartes to study because he fits in with our Kids Doing Philosophy project and he had a huge impact on not only philosophy, but mathematics and science.

Learn more about Rene Descartes

Descartes was born March 31, 1596 in La Haye, France. Regarding his philosophical work, he is probably most famous for his statement, “Cogito ergo sum” or, “I think, therefore I exist(am)”.

For a little background, Descartes lived in a time of great turmoil. The Protestant Reformation had rocked the theological world, causing people to question if there were any answers to foundational questions about God. Science was also advancing.

Middle School Snake Lapbook

One of the fun things about travelling is picking up fun books and activities for the ride. On our trip to Osan to visit some Kansas friends, the kids each got a sticker book for the bus trip home.

Raven chose a cool book about deadly animals – mostly for the snakes. Her and I both love snakes and we had been reading and watching videos about them after we saw that a couple of our friends on Facebook had ball pythons as pets.

When we got home she still had snake stickers leftover so I suggested she start a snake lapbook to display all the information she had learned about them.

Learn About Seollal! {Korean Lunar New Year}

We couldn’t leave out Korea in our study on the Lunar New Year!

Koreans celebrate two New Year celebrations – Sinjeong 신정 is the solar new year on January 1st. Then they celebrate again on the lunar near year, called Seollal 설날.

This holiday is all about family – the roads next week will be packed with people travelling to their hometowns (or people coming to Seoul). Some people only celebrate the New Years eve and day while others spend the whole 15 days – until the first full moon of the month – with family.

Businesses and restaurants will be closed, much like Thanksgiving and Christmas day in the states. And there will be an abundance of Spam gift sets given!

Learn About Chinese New Year!

Denna had chosen China for her next country to notebook and when we started looking for resources I realized that the Chinese New Year was just a week away!

China and South Korea now both use the Gregorian calendar, but the traditional holidays and festivals still revolve around the lunarsolar calendar. The largest festival of the year happens on the Lunar New Year in both countries.

Today we took all morning and just learned about the Chinese New Year. Tomorrow will be dedicated to Seollal, aka the Korean New Year.