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We love notebooking in our house. It’s easier to plan and set up than lapbooking, and it can be used with virtually any subject.

When we started moving towards unschooling, I was pretty sure that notebooking would fade out of our home. To my surprise, the girls still enjoy having a notebooking page to doodle, draw, and jot down thoughts on while we read and explore topics. They find it helpful to focus, listen, and interact with the information.

It also makes a pretty impressive portfolio for our records. We can flip through our binders and immediately see what the girls read, heard, and understood.

Links to resources for notebooking

Make a notebook from life experiences - great for hobbies, travel, field trips

Notebooking Success

Notebooking Pages Free Resources

  • Notebooking Pages – the online app makes custom notebooking pages fast and easy. You can even type right in the program and print out a finished page!
  • Notebooking Nook has great information, as well as a selection of freebies

Notebooking Pinterest Board

Notebooking History

Most of our notebooking pages are about history. I also like to make notebooking printables about history because you can find many public domain images to adorn the pages. Each of these units includes free notebooking pages for you to download:

 Wild Bill Notebooking Pack

 civil war comes to kansas pic

Stick-figuring Through the Bible

Kids learn about the Bible while creating their own timeline


Notebooking With Literature

beowulf notebooking page

Science Notebooking

We’ve done a lot of science lapbooks, but I really didn’t know how to use notebooking for our science projects until I read Jimmie’s Notebooking Success ebook.


Notebooking for Geography, Cultures, and Countries

Links and resources for learning about the country of New Zealand #homeschool #notebooking

Tiger Hunt ebook review and giveaway

  • Bali – and our review of Tiger Hunt

A 4-week cultural tour of Japan that includes #notebooking and fun activities #homeschool

More posts with examples of our notebooking:

 Wassily information notebooking page

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