Unschooling Consultant

You may be new to homeschooling and looking for some advice and direction, or you might be searching how to transition into a more relaxed, simplified method.

My mission is to help families thrive in homeschooling and find a path that works for them.

Unfortunately, my kids will riot if I spend all of my time online answering emails and chatting in discussion boards.  Plus, those means of communication leave something to be desired in the way of personal and specific advice.

I am available for one-on-one consultations via Skype or Google Hangouts. You can email me your specific questions or issues and the times you are available online, then we can set up a dedicated time to chat.

It’s not the same as having coffee together in my kitchen, but unless you want to pay for a plane ticket to Seoul – it’s the next best thing.

What do homeschool consultations consist of?

A consultation will really depend on what you desire. It might include:

  • Answering specific questions about methods, laws, curriculum, etc.
  • Suggestions about what you are doing and what you could change
  • Encouragement and prayer
  • Help setting up a plan of action (and follow-up accountability)
  • Finding resources and books

I’m not going to tell you what to do. But I will listen to your questions and concerns and give my input and suggestions. I can’t homeschool for you, but I can come alongside and provide support.

Areas of expertise

  • Unschooling from a Christian perspective
  • Simplifying
  • Relaxed, interest-led learning
  • Homeschooling in the military
  • Philosophies of education
  • Theology and worldview

How much does a consult cost?

After we have connected through email and set up a basic outline of what you want to cover, we can determine what services you might need.

Initial Consultation Call

This is where we will focus on the issues we have outlined and get to know one another. I will set aside one hour (half hour sessions are available based on need and request) for $25.

Follow-up Consultations

Additional consultations are available it there are any issues that require follow-up, or you would like to meet for accountability, prayer, or troubleshooting. The rate is $15 for a 30 minute session.

We can also set up a package beforehand for services. For example, for an initial consultation (1-hour) and 2 follow-up calls (each 30 minutes) I would charge $50.

Please email me (deldobuss@gmail.com) and we can discuss personalized rates and services.


Company and Ministry Consultation

I am available to give feedback and private critiques for companies and ministries looking to provide products and services to homeschoolers, churches, or families. I can also provide help or references for expanding your influence online.

I have homeschooled my own children for 8+ years and have taught and served in leadership positions in Christian Education for more than 9 years. Education and discipleship are my passions.

Please email me and I will provide you with more information. deldobuss@gmail.com


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