100 Learning Resources for Kids Who Want to Be Game Designers and Programmers

What kid today doesn’t want to play video games for a living? Being a game designer or programmer is not quite as glorious and carefree as most kids imagine. However, an interest in games and programming can lead to learning many useful skills no matter what they end up doing later in life.

Learning to design, build, and program games teaches:

  • math and logic concepts
  • computer, technology, and software proficiency
  • elements of philosophy, sociology, game theory, and artistic design

graphics, animation, video, audio, and presentation

The most frugal way to make broth in your crockpot

November and December present a trifecta of reasons to stock up on your own homemade broth: flu/cold season, winter weather, and the holidays.

Last week I started making the grocery list of staples that we would need in the coming weeks. Flour, butter, and eggs for baking. Meat for roasting. Potatoes and onions for those comfort foods you enjoy with family.

I also started making batches of my homemade chicken broth. It is one of the easiest things to make if you have a decent-sized crockpot and it is much more frugal than buying it in the store. It’s also way healthier for you and helps everyone fight of the nasty bugs that go around this time of year.

Homemade stock/broth can be stored in the fridge or the freezer and it makes a great base for all your soups, gravies, marinades, and more.

Mega List of Free Online Art Resources

The ultimate list of free online #art resources for #homeschool

If there is one thing that homeschoolers are looking for – it is free resources! While I love to support great curriculum and homeschool companies, everything we do is on a budget. So my plan over the years has been to start with free resources and invest in quality materials when the need arises.

I’ve been saving links to my Google Drive for a long time. And whenever a fellow homeschool mom would inquire about what resources we use, I would refer to said document. After the list got over 10 pages long, I decided that I needed a new organization system – and an easier way to share!

So while I am moving all my links over to Pearltrees, a visual bookmarking and organization site/app, I am also sharing some of my favorites here. I decided to start with art because it’s one of our favorite topics.

Ten {Plus} Free Minecraft Ebooks On Kindle For Kids

Did you know that there were kid novels based around Minecraft?

Neither did we until about 2 months ago!

Minecraft is one of our favorite games. If you follow me on YouTube you already know that I have a video series showing off some of the architecture we’ve built in creative and a series about living as a castaway on an island.

There is so much potential for creativity in this sandbox game. You can do just about anything – and in fact many homeschooled kids take online classes in Minecraft! We belong to several servers where kids and parents collaborate to build worlds, explore, craft, and have fun.

With so many possibilities, was it any wonder that moms and dads started telling stories to their kids about Minecraft? And some of those stories have become ebook novels that you can share with your kids – for free!

Middle School Short Story Study With O. Henry

Learning about irony, twist endings, and short stories with O. Henry

One way to share great literature with your middle-schoolers without a lot of preparation and commitment is to read short stories together.

Recently Raven and I have started reading and listening to short stories that are available in the public domain. They are free to download, and a lot of them are free to listen to at Librivox.org.

We are joining iHomeschool Network for a blog hop of famous birthdays in September!

One of the most prolific American short story writers was O. Henry (aka William S. Porter).

Summer Never Ends! A Day In Our Unschooling Life

Meeting online friends for realsies

A couple months ago, one of my long-time Facebook friends and fellow unschooling mom put the word out that they would be travelling and would like to meet up with people along the way. I jumped at the opportunity and they just happened to be coming right through Oklahoma.

As we firmed up dates and times I began talking to the kids about it, explaining that we would be meeting fellow unschoolers and brainstorming things to do in the area. The kids had a lot of questions about where this family was from, where they were going, and who they were and so we did a lot of Google map searching and looking at pictures on Facebook.

When our friends actually arrived, everyone took their time getting to know each other. It was fun to see how different their personalities were. But before long, the kids were talking and inviting each other to play.

How We Use Evernote To Plan And Record Our Homeschool

Making the most of technology and online resources in homeschooling

One of the greatest things about homeschooling in this age is that there are so many new technologies to utilize!

You have read about how we recorded our learning journey in experience notebooks and delight-directed transcripts. Those both involve very physical examples of planning and record-keeping.

I also want to share the online resources, apps, and gadgets we use to make our eclectic, relaxed, homeschooling lives easier.

When we found out we were leaving Korea and I had to organize all our belongings into the two shipments back to the states, I realized that we needed to streamline everything since we would be travelling and living without a lot of our stuff for months.

Homeschooling Space During A Large Move

When you have to wait on three shipments of your goods to arrive from an overseas move, homeschooling becomes way more interesting!

Today I’m linking up at the NOT Back-to-School blog hop at iHomeschool Network. Today everyone is showcasing their homeschool rooms!

Our Homeschool Space in Transition

If you saw our post last year, you know that we haven’t had a dedicated homeschool room in many years. Our whole house is used for learning, but we particularly like the dining room table and our bedrooms.

And like our houses in Kansas and Korea, our space in Oklahoma is pretty small. Our house is set up very similar to our apartment in Seoul – only with a little less living space (but a bigger kitchen!!!).

Delight Directed Plans for Preschool, 4th Grade, and 8th Grade

It’s that time of year again! Parents are enrolling kids up at the local school. Or perhaps they are frantically filling out their planner for the new homeschool year.

As for us – we’ve been trucking right along all summer! Learning never ends here, and so we don’t really have a “back to school” time in our house.

However, since we just moved and our situation is so different, we are experiencing a beginning of sorts.  And now that Gaius is four, he is going through a learning explosion with letters and numbers. So he announced the other day that he was old enough to be in school.

So I today I am sharing what we have already been working on, as well as some things we plan to dig into this fall.

Back To School Giveaway Basket: Learn to Knit and Crochet

A long time ago, when I was pregnant with my middle daughterI got the sudden urge to learn how to crochet. My mom had tried to teach me in high school but I had neither the time nor the interest then.

So once again, I had my mom come and demonstrate the basics. I figured out the chain pretty quick and was onto single stitches. Double crochet was my favorite because it made a larger row. I think my first project was a scarf – one that turned out all crooked and wonky because I hadn’t perfected counting stitches (I didn’t think it was that important).