We people live in a universe where everything is made available online and even the financial market are not too far which is made easy by the online trading. The days during which the brokers will be called for every 10 minutes to know the price of the stocks if it has risen up or gone down have completely vanished out. Online trading has brought everything into the hands of the investor. But everyone should be very cautious before putting legs into the ocean of online trading. Some of the online trading systems in use are Bitcoin Trader,  QProfit System, etc. It is in the hands of the investors to choose wisely and act smartly. Click here to check on more possibilities.


  • Convenience and flexibility: It is one of the biggest advantages of the online trading systems. The investors can involve in the trading through the phone itself through the provided application for the online trading software. It is more flexible that the investor can do the online trading at any time of their convenience. They can call off their work and return back depending on their preferences.
  • No broker intervention: The investor can do online trading without the help of the brokers who may or may not be available at times. With the brokers, there occurs sometime the time lag which affects the profit through the shares. So, online trading without the intervention of the third person yields maximum profit without any time lag.
  • Cheap: It is considered cheap. Without the broker, no brokerage charge is also put, so profit is at the maximum. The license to the software of the concerned online trading system is also free of charge.


  • Risk of excessive trading: Due to more earning wish, the investors end up in excessive trading. This may lead to the loss at the end of the day.
  • Lack of guidance: Everone needs assistance in doing a new job, be it an online trading system in which the brokers are involved. For an investor, there arise more doubts about how to do the trading in a more effective way. It is these brokers who advise the investors to pursue in the field of trading.
  • Connection Issues: This is the major problem faced by the online investors. Since the brokers are not personally contacted, there may be lack of communication between the investor and the broker. This may automatically leads to heavy loss at times for the investor only.

Tips While Choosing The Correct E-Payment Model

Massive development of e-commerce has not just altered the customary methods of payment via online methods, however has supported the online sector for payments so that now it has turned into a vital aspect of our lifestyle. Regardless of how enormous or little the payment is; each organization in the community has demonstrated its reliance in the different methods of paying online. The choice of choosing the correct payment entryway is dependably a precarious one. Hop over to this website to find few suggested pointers that you should think about before streamlining your scan for a proper online payment method.

Choosing the right one:

With regards to picking the ideal stage for web payments the initial aspect is to discover a gateway for payments that underpins all methods of exchanges such as smart cards, credit cards, debit cards, electronic fund transfers, and other methods of paying electronically. Each enterprise has distinctive necessities, and keeping in mind that method of payment and not thinking about this aspect might prompt functional concerns.

Financially savvy exchanges:

The idea of ‘cost of exchange‘ is generally misunderstood by many individuals. Numerous individuals believe that it is concerning sparing some cash and getting some reasonable administrations, and pass up the more essential perspectives such as diminishing the danger of disappointments, computerized balance updation, ideal utilization of real time apparatuses, quicker fix of concerns linked with exchanges and more. By choosing suitable method of online payment, you ought to be careful of the deceptive stages that provide incredibly low fees or services for free. Mostly such suppliers are either phony or give unsuitable administrations that aren’t equipped for providing what they guarantee.

Easy exchanges:

Unquestionably, quick and bother free exchanges are the most imperative traits for any web payment entryway. In any case, there exists numerous models for payment that are moderate in tasks, particularly regarding looking for authorisations from the accomplice banks or dealers. An essential aspect to keep in mind here is the time taken by an payment mode has to be related to the course of  online ventures.

Security highlights:

Adjustments on safety and security might prompt debacles out of hand. With regards to money related exchanges, security is central. Fundamental highlights relevant to all payment methods are ensured credibility, viable extortion aversion and recognition apparatuses, information security, various currencies handling stages and so on. Although every one of the highlights are essential, scam insurance is the most imperative safety requirement that ought not to be ignored. The failure of these highlights can prompt real aftermaths.

Different ways to earn money with smartphone

In this modern world, smartphones are the best companions for everyone of us and we really feel insecure when we do not have it with us. Though it has a few disadvantages, there are plenty of pros and it is in the hands of us to make use of it in the right way. As the proverb says money makes many thingsand yes it is 200% true because without money we cannot do even a single thing in this competitive world. Thus, we all should think vigorously about how to make money easily with smartphones.

There are some proven successful ways and ifyouare really eager to know, thentry here and it helps you somewhat better to quench your money thirst.

  1. There are some applications which are ready to pay you money for just installing it in your phones. It does not even a single minute of your quality time, but it yields you some pennies.
  2. You can give a survey about a product or a company online with the smartphonesand the company offers you an amount for your work and there are possibilities to earn money when you are probably interested to take part in those surveys.
  3. Selling the used products online helps you to get money because sometimes we do not know what to do with a few products. We can post pictures of it and post it on the websites and you will get numerous people shown interestin it.
  4. Online clothing stores have become trending among the women and most of the ladies come forth and start up their own online boutique. This is really an amazing way to yield more money as we all love to spend money on clothing accessories.
  5. We would have come across the word online trading with the automated trading robot software applications. The people can invest their money on these softwares to get high profitable returns. This can work on smartphones with a steady internet connection. The customer portal will be present for all the 24 hours in a week and they are much ready to answer the user’s queries about trading. It simplifies the work of the traders by doing trading on behalf of them.

Thus, concluding that technology has given us plenty of earning opportunities and moreover, using it in a proper way is purely in our hands.

Digital Currencies Simplified For You

Now we know that there are different types of digital currencies and yet many people are at sea when they need to invest or use this mode of payment. We have some basic information that can help you in creating a digital wallet and trading the virtual money.

You can easily make some money in the virtual arena using trading programs like Bitcoin Trader. Go to this Source for more information.

The following information is about Bitcoin and similar reputed currencies that can be used easily online and are recognized globally.

  1. These are digital currencies- Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and more exist only online in digital wallets.
  2. A cryptographic protocol is the foundation of creation and transfer of money and the process is completely online.
  3. Blockchains are the public record of each transaction and the people in the chain. The money can be stored in a digital wallet with specific security features.
  4. Mining is the only process by which new coins can be created that too in small bits or parts of the coins. The original coin- Bitcoin has a limited number of coins and these cannot be mined beyond that.
  5. You can store your money in wallets online and transfer through a peer network.
  6. You can have a wallet installed on your computer or smartphone- and then use it carefully.
  7. You should have more than one wallet to keep the money safe and then keep trackof it from time to time.
  8. These currencies help in international money transfers in seconds and that too at very low costs.

When people trade in Forex they buy and sell one particular currency against another, like Dollar against GBP and so on. Similarly, people can trade in digital money using different types of money. These are also pegged against one fixed currency like Dollars and then the prices can be decided based on fluctuationsin the market. One aspect must be considered before trading that these are not governed by any central authority and therefore are not considered legal tender by some countries. The digital currency is as legitimate as any other kind of money and yet some countries do not allow the transactions using these digital money wallets.

Actually trading the virtual currency is not that different from the trading in Forex- both the processes depend on the demand and supply of the stocks being traded. The latest trends indicate that this is a good time to start trading and investing in these currencies, after choosing the right coins and save for a financially secure future.

The Art of Strewing ebook

With The Art of Strewing you will learn:

  • When and where to strew
  • Strategies to avoid
  • How to keep things simplified and not go overboard
  • The importance of attitude in strewing

Every parent wants their child to have a passion for learning, not just because study is demanded of them, but because they possess a drive for richness and diversity in life.

Unschoolers and relaxed homeschoolers accomplish this through strategic placement of resources and opportunities that they believe their children will benefit from and enjoy.

Notebooking Examples & Freebies

We love notebooking in our house. It’s easier to plan and set up than lapbooking, and it can be used with virtually any subject.

When we started moving towards unschooling, I was pretty sure that notebooking would fade out of our home. To my surprise, the girls still enjoy having a notebooking page to doodle, draw, and jot down thoughts on while we read and explore topics. They find it helpful to focus, listen, and interact with the information.

It also makes a pretty impressive portfolio for our records. We can flip through our binders and immediately see what the girls read, heard, and understood.

Strewing Inspiration Through Technology

Today is the last day of the iHomeschool Network Hopscotch! I just want to thank all of you for your greats comments and feedback on here, Facebook, Google+, and in person. You guys are great and I had a blast. I hope you have enjoyed The Art of Strewing! From Africa To Korea – Through Space And […]

The Nation Divides – Civil War {Blood On The Border}

Welcome to the next installment of our Blood On The Border study, where we are learning about how the Civil War played out in the state of Kansas. We have finally made it to the beginning of the war! If you have missed out on all the fun, so far we have studied: The Western Expansion (which explains how Kansas became a territory) Slavery In Kansas and don’t miss out on the FREE Notebooking Pack that goes […]


If you are a newcomer to my blog- Welcome!  I have recently been moving my blog from a free account to my own server-hosted domain.

In that process I have revamped my theme and blog name.  These Temporary Tents is what I have decided to call this blog.

Why tents?  Well, there are several reasons.

First, we are a military family.  That means we move- a lot.

Secondly, we are Christians and believe that life on this earth is only temporary- it doesn’t end here.

Finally, we are homeschoolers/unschoolers who believe that learning is best done as a family or community (a gathering of tents).

Christmas Gift Ideas (Under $20) for Scouts, Campers, Backpackers, and Outdoorsy Types

Gadgets and gear for people that love the outdoors

This past year  both of the girls have become involved in scouts, which means that I have stepped up to help. We’ve had an exciting year of camping, hiking, and adventure.

Even before scouts, we have always loved the outdoors. Hiking and nature walks were a large part of our life in both Washington state and Kansas.

This year for Christmas I have decided to do my gift shopping in three areas: books, games, and scouting gear. The girls are getting too old for toys, and they have plenty of electronics.

This post contains affiliate links.

Outdoor gear and gadgets make great Christmas gifts because most people enjoy getting something useful. Plus they will be amazed at all the cool new tools out there that solve the same old outdoor conundrums.