Mega List of YouTube channels and videos for homeschool

I remember when YouTube was a place for watching music videos and people filming their friends doing crazy stunts. Nowadays, the site is still user-friendly but it has a new dimension. It has opened up a place for people and companies to easily create fantastic learning content.

There are so many channels and sites with videos that you can use to explore topics with your kids. Sometimes though it can be hard to find. Wading through millions of videos can seem daunting.

I have compiled a list of YouTube channels, as well as other websites that collect and create videos suitable for use in your homeschool.

Over the years, I have been bookmarking the free content that we have discovered. I recently moved my enormous list to Pearltrees in order to better organize my links. You can read how I use Pearltrees to visually organize our bookmarks here.

How I use Pearltrees to bookmark #homeschool resources

This list is not complete because there are always great shows and channels being added all the time. I also didn’t include Netflix shows because they tend to change often. To check what is available on Netflix I use a site called Instant Watcher. It even lets me add shows to my queue!

Be sure to check out my other Mega-Lists:

Have I forgotten your favorite video channel or site? Comment below so I can add it to my list!

Note: You are responsible for previewing these channels and videos. I am providing these links because I feel they are a valuable resource for learning. Some of the videos may have strong language. Some of the channels present controversial topics or differing points of view. It is impossible to present channels that agree completely with a certain worldview. Use discernment, take what you can use for your family, and leave the rest.

Educational YouTube Channels (multiple topics)

brain bubble

Learn all kinds of fun history and science facts in just one minute!


Animated lessons on a variety of topics!

  • BIO –Miniature biographies of famous people.

crash course for kids

New! From the makers of Crash Course comes Crash Course for Kids. They have started with 5th grade-ish science and plan to add more from there!


If you love as much as us – you will be excited to see this YouTube channel. Fun projects to try, DIYer-made videos, and more.

Get skills, share what you make and do, and meet other awesome people.

  • PBS Parents -This may say parents, but the channel has fun playlists with kids crafts, recipes, and other adventures.
  • Smarter Everyday -Little tidbits of information that you can use to introduce topics and pique curiosities.
  • Daria Music -Songs from around the world – learn culture and language!
  • Rockalingua -Fun musical Spanish!
  • Fairy Tales for You -Funny and bright animations of common fairy tales.

head STEAM

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths. Videos about STEAM topics, applications to the real world, careers, and news.


  • The World From Above -See the world from the eye of a bird – these videos show you various locations from an aerial view!
  • Kids Immersion -Immersion Spanish videos for kids
  • They Might Be Giants (playlist) -The band makes great videos for kids about all kinds of topics!
  • GoNoodle – fun songs and lessons to get kids moving!

Science YouTube Channels

  • Mr. Parr -Fun science songs with the text shown so you can read and learn!
  • Songs for Unusual Creatures -It looks like they may have stopped making this series. But the ten episodes that do exist are a fun mix of science, music, and art. Learn about strange creatures and watch as a song is composed in honor of each one!
  • Make Me Genius -Very cool science lessons – the accents in the video might make it hard to understand but we have enjoyed the videos as they explain some pretty in-depth concepts in ways kids can grasp.
  • Smithsonian Magazine -Check out the history video playlist and the wildlife videos!
  • National Geographic -Videos of the natural world, science, and history!

Check out this video about 3D printing drones:

piled higher and deeper

A collection of various science topics – many of the videos are animated and very funny.

simple science

A collection of short animated videos that explain science concepts.

Math YouTube Channels

  • Numberphile -Videos about numbers – and how weird they are. This show engages learners with the curiosities in mathematics and how much fun numbers can be.
  • The Video Math Tutor -Need help explaining math concepts to your middle and high schoolers? Mr. Ast has instructional videos for basic math and algebra.
  • Vi Hart -Join Vi as she plays with math – at work, school, and home.
  • PBS Math Club -Fun demonstrations of math concepts – for middle school and up!
  • Math Antics
  • Family Math Night

History YouTube Channels

Art and Drawing YouTube Channels

draw stuff real easy

Very nice sketching videos. There are drawing tutorials for lots of everyday objects.

art for kids hub

This is one of our absolute favorite YouTube channels! The host and his son are energetic and they give tutorial on how to draw pop-culture characters and stuff that kids love. They also show off fan artwork and have frequent contests.

Preschool and Early Elementary YouTube Channels

hoopla kidz

Great for preschoolers! Nursery rhymes, songs, stories, spelling, and other basic concepts.

  • Old School Television -Remember when the teacher would roll in the tv for educational programing in school? You can share some of those old shows with your kids!
  • Have Fun Teaching -Very nice songs to use for teaching counting, alphabet, science, sight words, and more!
  • Mr. R’s Songs for Teaching -More songs to use for teaching concepts – this one includes songs for the seasons and multiplication tables.
  • Busy Beavers -Nice preschool channel – you can pay for more content. But there is a lot of free content to use.
  • APPU Series -Another channel for preschool and early elementary. Math, science, and stories from around the world. This channel also has sister channels with the videos in Hindi and other similar languages.
  • Cool School -Very fun stories, fairy tales, and arts and crafts videos for kids.
  • Kids TV 123 -Preschool songs, concepts, and learning videos.
  • StoryBots


Storybots quickly became one of my son’s favorite YouTube channels. He loves the quirky robots, the fun songs, and they include dinosaurs in a lot of videos also. A mix of old songs and new, this channel has fantastic animation.

YouTube Channels for Older Students


Vocabulary lists by grade, math concepts, and year-in-reviews – all presented via rap!

  • Video SparkNotes -SparkNotes reading guides have a nice selection of videos that give a detailed and humorous overview of famous literature.
  • Crash Course -Do you have a report due on US History – tomorrow? That was the premise behind Crash Course. Going over large amounts of information in a fast, fun format. From the minds of brothers Hank and John Green. Check out the playlists to see all the topics that have been covered so far. These are upper high school and college-level “courses”.
  • PBS Idea Channel

pbs idea channel

Explore deep issues and questions while referencing popular culture and current events. This channel is meant to spark discussion, and some of the topics are controversial and/or for older kids and adults. They also have a nice playlist of common fallacies.

  • Watch WellCast -With an emphasis on education, the show addresses both the latest trends and long-standing practices of wellness—everything from the efficacy of the gratitude experiment to the importance of sunshine and vitamin D. These animated videos could be useful for a high school psychology course.


Like Sparknotes, Shmoop provides depth and context to literature, science, history, and math topics.

Websites that collect, curate, and post videos

the kids should see this

A mom started collected amazing videos, “not made for kids but perfect for them“. Search this site by topic or just browse and find awesome content to watch together!

  • YouTube for Children -This site provides a safe search engine for YouTube videos. It also removes all adds and does not allow clicking to other related videos. Perfect for when your child wants to research a topic on their own.
  • Homeschool Videos {Pinterest Board} -A Pinterest board that collects videos that can be used for homeschooling.
  • Learning At Home Channel {Vimeo} -Vimeo is not as popular as YouTube but there is some great content there. This channel collates some of the better videos for kids.
  • Neo K12 -Videos and demonstrations collected and organized. Studying a topic and want a video? This is the perfect place to start.
  • Watch Know Learn -Similar to Neo K12 – this site has a few more topics.
  • Folktales from Japan

folktales from japan

Crunchyroll hosts this animated show about the classic folktales of Japan.

  • Teacher Tube -Safe video site where teachers can search for content to use in their classroom.
  • Show Me -User-created demonstrations. You can find many math, science, and literature presentations.
  • CosmoLearning -Free video lectures. Most of these are college-level lectures.
  • Kidproof -Another channel on Vimeo dedicated to kids which boasts – “no violence, no adult themes”.
  • Annenberg Learner -A collection of high-quality learning materials and videos. Many of the programs are free and full-length movies are available.
  • Educate Tube -Videos on this site are collected and organized by subject. You can find many instructional videos like piano lessons.
  • DramaFever Children’s Shows

drama fever kids

Drama Fever has a section of kids shows that are completely free. Watch them in English or Korean!


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