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Spring has sprung in Oklahoma!

March started out with a couple bad snow days but this past week has been warm and breezy. This has proven to be one of our busiest months because my middle daughter decided to join Girl Scouts and she has been selling cookies to earn a special trip.

My oldest has also joined a club – Venturing which is a co-ed group of Boy Scouts. She is planning several camping trips and adventures with her “crew”. I’m thankful for the hussle and bussle even though I might be tired these days. I keep reminding myself that my kids are only going to be this age for a little while longer.

And the opportunities they are beginning to have through these groups have been fun!

Society of Women Engineers

Last weekend I was able to drive Denna and her friend to Stillwater to the Oklahoma State University campus for Junior Girl Scout day. The whole day was organized and ran by the women engineer majors of OSU.

chemical engineering density column

Making a density column with the chemical engineers.

The day was full of activities from different fields of engineering: mechanical, civil, chemical, architectural, and industrial. The day was sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers.

The girls rotated between classrooms and in each area they learned the career options for the engineer field, the ways you can see that field in action around you, and there was a fun hands-on activity. Denna’s favorite area was chemical engineering (she has a love of chemistry) and they split up into groups to create a density column with various liquids.

At the end of the day a gentleman came and demonstrated one of the more technologically advanced types of mechanical engineering – GPS guided drones. He used the drone to take an aerial picture of all the girl scouts.

We had so much fun that when we got home we looked up how to make several of the projects:

  • Chemical Engineering – this rainbow column shows the density of different common liquids.
  • Mechanical Engineering – each team made a rubber band car to show how axles work!
  • Civil Engineering – the civil engineer girls demonstrated bridge building with popsicle trusses.
  • Architecture – the girls built candy buildings. I couldn’t find the exact activity but this spaghetti and marshmallow tower looks similar!
  • Industrial Engineering – while learning about efficiency the girls created cookie assembly lines.

We were all very excited to learn about STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) careers. The girls had a lot of fun and we loved the town of Stillwater!

Starting our Ancient Rome unit study and lapbook!

Studying Ancient Rome

After finishing our lapbook on Ancient Greece, Denna finally decided to go right into Ancient Rome. Afterwards she plans to change it up a bit and look at China, Japan, and Korea. I also suggested looking at the ancient South American cultures as well.

Denna wanted a game download for her birthday, so grandma sent her an Amazon gift card. When we found out that the game was %30 off if you downloaded it from the original website, I went ahead and bought it for her and she let me use the Amazon credit.

I decided to use the credit to get some more interested books for the kids. I found a really cool hardcover DK book used and with shipping it came out to less than buying it at a thrift store! It’s called Take Me Back and it is a visual history timeline. Each page has a fun theme for the civilization or event that it is covering.

Take Me Back book Ancient Egypt

Illustrated History of Ancient Egypt

We have started our study with some fun websites and videos about Ancient Rome:

We have also started creating foldables for our lapbook:

pasting into rome lapbook

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