Ancient Greece Unit Study

A long time ago when we were struggling in our homeschool journey I gave myself a “season of discovery” and took the time to just read about different methods and philosophies about homeschooling.

I had started out with our oldest basically just doing what I saw all the other homeschool moms doing, with a little bit of my own flair based on my life experiences. I bought the workbooks I saw other families using. We sat down at our little table/desk and tried to create a “homeschool” – whatever that was.

One of the coolest ideas I found while researching and reading about different homeschooling methods was whole family cyclical learning. I loved the idea of doing a unit study together as a family, and covering history in a 4 or 6-year cycle.

So when we moved towards a more relaxed, eclectic approach and started making lapbooks – some of our very first ones were of ancient civilizations.

Ancient Civilizations Lapbooks

They look impressive huh?

We absolutely loved studying ancient history. And though we are not strictly following a 4-year history cycle anymore, when Denna asked to learn about Ancient Greece I realized that it has been just about 4 years since we studied it!

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Ancient Greece Unit Study

Since Raven is currently studying the presidents and what part they played in American history, this study was just for Denna. Gaius took part in some of the activities and videos, but he didn’t really want to make a lapbook.

One of the books Denna found at the library had fun crafts and projects like making Greek salad.

Making Greek Salad

She also made Greek coins, wrote her name in Greek, and read selections from our illustrated copy of Aesop’s Fables.

Fun books about Ancient Greece

We found all of these books at our library. The one book we did purchase was an illustrated encyclopedia of the Ancient World. We happened upon it at Half-Price Books in Oklahoma City for $5 and knew instantly that it needed to go in our bookcase!

If you follow my other site Homeschool Commons you can see that we also used a lot of free public domain books to round out our unit study. Most of the books have nice illustrations and pictures that you can download and print to make fun minibooks or notebooking pages with. All of the books are also available for easy download in Kindle or Epub format.

compare contrast athens sparta

Fun Websites to study Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Lapbook!

Ancient Greece Lapbook

If there was one activity book to purchase to make your Ancient Greece unit study easier and more streamlined, it would be the History Pockets: Ancient Greece teacher guide. If you don’t want to have to rely on making copies, buy the enhanced ebook from Evan-Moor so you can print out pages as you go.

The History Pockets books are like a complete unit study with printables for lapbooks and notebooking! Technically, you are supposed to make a pocket using some construction paper. However the printables adapt well if you cut, fold, and manipulate them.

What I love about these books is that they include all the history information in short reading selections.

minibooks inside the lapbook

You can see how we used the reading selections and fast facts in our lapbook.

Ancient Greece lapbook inside

Free printables for Ancient Greece

Even if you don’t buy printables to make your lapbook, there are plenty of free resources out there:

Ancient Greece lapbooks now and then

After we had completed the lapbook, Denna and I had fun comparing her current work with what she made 4 years ago – when she was 6! She noticed a definite improvement in her ability to communicate through writing.

back of lapbook

What are your favorite resources for studying Ancient Greece? 


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