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I am so excited to be sharing UnLock Math: Pre-Algebra today!

A lot of homeschool parents get nervous about upper-level math. I think one of those reasons is that we ourselves did not do well in math, or we haven’t used the concepts in our lives and so our skills are a bit rusty.

The transition from arithmetic and hands-on math to algebra can be scary for kids too. Some kids seem to have a natural understanding of algebra concepts while others need more time and more explanation.

I recieved this product for free in exchange for a review. I was also compensated for my time. All opinions are my own and I was not required to provide a positive review.

Can you believe that I will have a high schooler next fall? I think most parents struggle with that big transition. It’s another step towards adulthood. And suddenly it seems as if we are scrambled for time – to prepare their hearts and heads to meet the world.

As a relaxed/unschool mom, I have discussed future goals and options with my teenager many times. She has always confirmed that college, or at least a tech or vocational college, was in her plans. We had many talks about pursuing dual-credit in her high school years, testing into community college, and what that would entail.

Math has never been her strong point. It was, along with spelling and writing, one of the main reasons we moved towards a more relaxed educational journey. I tried to provide guidance and resources when she needed them, but of course my mama heart was wondering, “will she be ready for upper level math?”

And then, it happened – on her perfect timing. She is ready!!! And we looked for an online course but most were geared towards high school algebra alone. Or they just blew through concepts that she really needed more depth in.

An online pre-algebra course that bridges the gap

Enter fellow homeschool mom Alesia and UnLock Math! The pre-algebra course is a complete online course that covers everything from whole numbers to probability. Each lesson contains a warm-up, engaging video, practice problems, notes, and a challenge.

unlock math lesson integers

This program was perfect for us because it literally bridges the gap between elementary math and high school math. The videos were not long lectures, but rather short and engaging lessons. Each topic is broken down into several lessons so that kids can understand one concept at a time and then practice it.

UnLock Math: Pre-Algebra has adaptive questions and automated grading

unlock pre-algebra working in room

One of the things I liked most about this program is that it truly was interactive. The questions were not all multiple choice, so my middle schooler couldn’t just “guess to pass”. The questions are adaptive as well, meaning they get more difficult as your child masters the subject.

Everything is also automated, so I could check on her progress and see her grades and test answers. I can also print progress reports to keep in my homeschool records.

homework with havanese

Even the Havanese is learning pre-algebra!

Of course my daughter loves this program because she can do it on the computer and take it with her anywhere she goes. She is not a textbook/workbook person and learns best when things are interactive and visual.

Alesia is energetic as well as knowledgeable and those qualities shine throughout this program.

Connect with Unlock Math and Enter to Win!

The price for this program is $59/month or $349/year.

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