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We were a busy crew in October! The weather was perfect for travel, and we did quite a bit. We also had visitors, blew stuff up in homeschool coop, and much more.

Come catch up with our learning adventures!

Visiting the art museum at Oklahoma University

front of art museum

While hubby was participating in a state Magic: The Gathering tournament, the kids and I explored Norman, Oklahoma and discovered a free art museum on the Oklahoma University campus.

We were very impressed with the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. They had a nice mix of contemporary, classic, and local collections. The kids enjoyed the abstract collection in the basement while I pointed out the Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Henri Rousseau pieces since we had learned about all of those artists at some point.

Famous paintings at OU art museum

Science experiments at homeschool coop

We have had the blessing of joining a local homeschool group that gets together every week for fun lessons and classes. In September, I helped teach the younger kids fun lessons using picture books.

October was science month and each week the kids did hands-on experiments.

Have you ever microwaved soap?

Have you ever microwaved soap?

Every week was a huge hit with the kids. They got to make alka-seltzer rockets, microwave soap, and make mentos fountains.

mentos and diet coke

Now that’s explosive fun!

Visiting the zoo in Gainesville, Texas

feeding a giraffe

October was a month of reconnection with old friends as well as family. My sister, brother-in-law, and their four boys came down for a visit and we got to show them many of the beautiful local spots that we had already discovered.

We also had the opportunity to meet up with some unschooling friends in Gainesville, TX at the zoo.

Isn’t it just awesome when God brings people together serendipitously? Back when we lived in Kansas we got to meet a lovely unschool family and hang out with them at the Topeka zoo. Well, while we were in Korea they moved to Texas. So when we got to Oklahoma we started planning another meet-up!

animals at the zoo in gainesville

This meet-up turned out to be a gathering of unschool families! We had five families present with a total of over 15 unschooled kids! After we fed the giraffes and saw all the animals, everyone picnicked in the park. Many of the kids already knew each other from Skype and playing Minecraft online together.

Geography fair at homeschool coop

geography fair displays

Our homeschool group also hosted a casual geography fair where kids could share information and presentations about their favorite countries. We picked two countries close to our heart: South Korea and Nigeria.

Giving presentation on Nigeria

Raven decided to do a presentation on Nigeria since my sister and her family hosted an exchange student from Abuja, Nigeria several years ago. We got to know Sam and still keep in touch with him online.

Raven found some traditional and modern Nigerian music to share, and we made chin chin which is a fried bread snack.

South Korea Geography Fair presentation

Obviously, we had a lot of things to share from Korea.

Denna made the presentation board and we brought their life experience notebooks for people to browse. We also brought some Korean language books, souvenirs, and we made kimbap to share.

Putting down roots once again

More important than the activities and the field trips, we are starting to make friends. Say one thing for military kids, say they continually put themselves out there. Despite always being the new kid, the multiple times they have to start all over again, they don’t give up.

Like I said, we’ve been so blessed with this homeschool group. And many of the families we see at coop we are starting to see throughout the week as well for playdates, in other activities, at church.

And so once again, the Bussinger’s are sprouting roots and settling down.

And slowly, slightly, your world begins to sharpen
Withered tendrils writhe around new growth
This new place which was at first barren
Now appears familiar
Persistently your roots dig into the hard earth
And what was ripped, torn and severed
Finds refreshing waters in foreign soil
Maybe you’ll stay a while, be fed and feed

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