10 free #ebooks for kids - all about Minecraft!


Did you know that there were kid novels based around Minecraft?

Neither did we until about 2 months ago!

Minecraft is one of our favorite games. If you follow me on YouTube you already know that I have a video series showing off some of the architecture we’ve built in creative and a series about living as a castaway on an island.

There is so much potential for creativity in this sandbox game. You can do just about anything – and in fact many homeschooled kids take online classes in Minecraft! We belong to several servers where kids and parents collaborate to build worlds, explore, craft, and have fun.

With so many possibilities, was it any wonder that moms and dads started telling stories to their kids about Minecraft? And some of those stories have become ebook novels that you can share with your kids – for free!

If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t fret! We don’t have one either. You can download the Kindle app to almost any device.

Disclaimer: We have not reviewed every single one of these books for content. Most of the authors are parents that simply wrote stories their kids would like so I feel comfortable sharing them with you. These are free as of today (9/11/14) and may change price. The links are connected to my affiliate account at Amazon.


flynn's log 1 minecraft

Minecraft Adventures – Flynn’s Log 1: Rescue Island 

obsidian chronicles

The Obsidian Chronicles Book 1: Ender Rain

minecraft the doppelganger

Minecraft The Doppelganger Book One: Steve’s Chance


Enderising: A Minecraft Novella

tale of a hero

The Tale of a Hero

castle wars steve

Castle Wars of Steve

sky wars of steve

Sky Wars of Steve

minecraft genesis

Minecraft: Genesis – A Legend of How It All Began

to minecraft and back

To Minecraft and Back

enderman's gambit

The Enderman’s Gambit

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I just got some of these for my minecrafters and I think they’ll like them. I appreciate the heads up!

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