How I use Pearltrees to bookmark #homeschool resources

Today I want to showcase another great app/site for organizing your homeschool. I use Pearltrees to create collections of bookmarks and keep track of all the resources I find online.

Add bookmarks, images, files, and more into Pearltrees collections

Pearltrees is available through your browser, or as an app in Itunes and Google Play. It allows you to make “collections” of links, images, files, and more and have access to it on all your devices.

I have the Pearltrees extension for Chrome and use it to add resources that I find to my collections. You can also start a collection from the extension.

making a collection in Pearltrees

Right now, I have a collection of homeschoolers who make YouTube videos, a collection for learning the Korean language, and a massive collection of free homeschool resources that we have collected over the years. Pearltrees lets me share a collection through social media, through a link, or by email.

Three reasons I use Pearltrees instead of Pinterest

I love Pinterest for collecting and sharing ideas, but it does seem limited in ways to what you can pin and how you access your links once you have saved it into boards.

Pearltrees has three things going for it that Pinterest doesn’t:

1. You can make sub-collections

With Pinterest, you simply create boards but there is no way to arrange those boards in any hierarchy.

I can create a master collection in Pearltrees and add collections within that, and collections within smaller collections, and so forth ad infinitum.

2. You don’t have to have an image to save a link

There are times when I want to save a website that might not have a pinnable image. Maybe it’s a flash game, maybe it’s a text article. With Pinterest, I’m limited to what I can pin because it is image-based.

Pearltrees will save a screenshot of the site and use that as an image for the widget. Because of that, I can also save the links to entire websites and not just a single post or page.

3. Drag and drop baby!

I know that arranging your boards on Pinterest now is drag and drop. And that is very handy.

Pearltrees takes it to the next level by making everything drag and drop. If you misplaced a link or image, simply drag it down to the holding area, find the collection you need, and drop it where it belongs. Drag things right to the trash instead of having to press delete and confirm. I’ve found the Pearltrees site very intuitive and easy to use.

You can see how I use Pearltrees in my video:

I still have to play around with the site and apps more to figure everything out. But I have already begun to organize all our bookmarks there (from a giant Google document we’ve kept for years).

In the next few weeks I will feature some of my free resource collections and highlight some of the resources in each category that we love the most.

And I will be featuring more useful sites and apps that make homeschooling easier and more tech-savvy!

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2 Responses to Organize and save your homeschool bookmarks with Pearltrees

  1. Shelah says:

    Aadel – can I just say that you share the best stuff! 🙂
    Thank you SO much!
    THIS is exactly what I’ve been hoping was out there because I gotta be honest, I just could not get into Pinterest.
    And I hate that I cannot EASILY classify my “bookmarks” and they are not visually appealing.
    I love that this Program/App is very visual (which is about the only thing I did like about Pinterest). 🙂
    Thanks again!

  2. Christine Smith says:

    this looks very useful!! I organize all my bookmarks in Evernote because I can put them into notebooks (basically collections or folders) AND cross reference by adding additional tags like kids’ names, etc

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