Using the Evernote app and website to keep track of #homeschooling

Making the most of technology and online resources in homeschooling

One of the greatest things about homeschooling in this age is that there are so many new technologies to utilize!

You have read about how we recorded our learning journey in experience notebooks and delight-directed transcripts. Those both involve very physical examples of planning and record-keeping.

I also want to share the online resources, apps, and gadgets we use to make our eclectic, relaxed, homeschooling lives easier.

When we found out we were leaving Korea and I had to organize all our belongings into the two shipments back to the states, I realized that we needed to streamline everything since we would be travelling and living without a lot of our stuff for months.

In fact, we just got our main shipment from Korea yesterday. We spent the entire summer without a majority of our “stuff”.

I had been using Evernote for a while to make notes about the places we visited in Korea. I could upload maps, directions, tips, and more and have them handy right on my phone when we were exploring.

So when we packed up the printer and computer, I started using Evernote for keeping notes on what the kids were doing.

Evernote synchronizes your homeschool records across all your devices.

Evernote synchronizes your homeschool records across all devices

I can view Evernote from all my devices

I have the Evernote app downloaded onto my phone, ipod touch, tablet, and the girls’ tablets. The notes automatically save and I can simply refresh the page and see changes to all my notes in real time.

Here is how I use Evernote:

  • I create a note for each of the girls each week.
  • In their note, I either create a dated list (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. . .) or a list by topic/subject.
  • Under each day I make a list of tasks they  should do on their own. Each task has a “to-do” box that they check off when complete.
  • I can include links to websites, upload files, add images, and more!

Evernote example

The girls can help me plan each week by putting their own tasks into the note. After the week is complete, then I update the title.

The great thing is that completed lists then serve as a handy record for what we did!

I have created a video to demonstrate all the possibilities for Evernote in your homeschool:

Clip anything on the web with Evernote Web Clipper

Another great tool that Evernote offers is their web clipper. You can add Evernote Web Clipper as an extension to your browser. Then, whenever you find something online that you want to save or share, you can clip the whole or just a part of the article, saving what you need for later!

Clip from anywhere on the web - save to your Evernote account

Clip from anywhere on the web – save to your Evernote account

You can add your own remarks, take a screenshot, or even just save the bookmark. The clip is saved to the Evernote notebook you designate and you can then access it from your app!

After you have saved the clip, you also have the option of sharing it on several social media platforms.

I haven’t used the web clipper a lot, but it does come in handy when I find something and I know I’m going to need it later on one of my mobile devices.

Do you use an app or website to help you organize homeschooling? Have you ever tried Evernote?

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6 Responses to How We Use Evernote To Plan And Record Our Homeschool

  1. […] came across a very timely blog post at These Temporary Tents today about using Evernote as both a planning tool and a recording tool for home […]

  2. Paola Collazo says:

    Hi Aadel! Do you use the free version or do you pay for the premium service? And yes, I just started using Evernote this spring and I love it! Still learning though…

  3. Elissa says:

    Thanks for the great reminder! I had started a free account over the summer to organize some of my projects. Your post inspired me to start using it to organize my homeschooling resources! I really like Evernote. The only issue that we have had is difficulty printing from Evernote but since I rarely need to print something from Evernote it has not caused me much grief.

  4. Demetria says:

    This is a wonderful idea as I’m falling more in love with going paperless 🙂 I use Evernote for most of my web projects, but I’d like to do it more for my homeschool. Thanks for th epost.

  5. Andrea says:

    This was an excellent video! IThank you for sharing! Do you use a single Evernote account or do each of your children have their own accounts?

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