Maybe your kids aren’t really that interested in learning computer programming, but you still want to include a technology or computer science course in your homeschool program.

Perhaps their interests revolve more around digital media: movies, digital comics, animations, and the like.

You might be interested in FLO, which stands for Freshi Online Learning.

FLO is an online subscription to digital media courses for kids. As a part of Freshi Media, it’s goal is to:

introduce digital filmmaking, stop-motion animation, and video game design and development in a language kids can understand – visual media. . . kids aren’t allowed to sit back and watch adults make films or games, they do it themselves, from story to final edit!

I recieved this product in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own and I was not required to provide a positive review. All other software used in this course was purchased by me.

Digital Media Courses from FLO {Freshi Online Learning}

Digital media courses for homeschool students

FLO currently offers six video-based tutorial series:

  • Digital Filmmaking
  • Video Game Design
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Scriptwriting
  • Digital Animation
  • Digital Comic Book Creation

You purchase a subscription for one year, either to an individual course or all the courses as a bundle. Each course does require a purchase of separate software which is not included.

The girls and I decided to try the digital animation and digital comic book creation courses and found that the software for each was a good investment that could be used for years to come. In fact we found that both software titles required for the courses we chose had a free trial that worked for most of the course.

A year-long subscription for a single course is $99. Readers of this blog can get a special deal on the entire bundle – use code FLOCA50! for a 50% discount off the subscription price for all courses.

FLO subscribers also have access to a software bundle and discounts on certain individual software titles used in the courses.

Trying out the digital animation course

digital animation course

Each course on FLO is a series of video tutorials. The lessons run on average from 3-12 minutes long, and they basically walk your student through a concept in the software.

Raven decided to take the digital animation course first because she liked the look of the software. It comes with plenty of free pre-made characters and elements to create storylines.

She liked the easy pace of the classes. This course would be perfect for kids 8-17. The instructor doesn’t fill time with unnecessary techy terms or explanations. These videos are built around experience teaching kids in schools and programs so they really do put kids in control.

The course showed Raven how to build a background, create an element to animate, add sound, timing, saving, and even exporting the project. Here is the animation she created:


The course also include downloadable assets such as files you might need for your project, as well as quizzes to assess your understanding of the information.

Right now the girls are working through the digital comic book course together. Denna saw the Comic Life software and was very interested in making her own comics to tell stories.

What we love about Freshi Online Learning

The FLO courses provide solid instruction for kids that are interested in digital arts. Both of my girls were interested in the course videos and the software.

I liked that each course introduced the background of the digital medium and an overview of the software in the first few lessons. A video on how to go about using the course is also pinned to the top of the course page.

Courses are not complicated either, so younger children could possibly work through them with mom or dad on standby for help. They don’t take up a lot of time either. Most lessons were complete in about 30 minutes to an hour. One course would probably be about a semester’s worth of material.

And finally, we enjoyed these courses because the software used is fun! The kids can play around with Comic Life and Anime Studio Debut for a long time. Raven has created many animations and shared them with her friends via YouTube.

If you have kids that are interested in creating animation, film making, script writing, comic books, or designing video games – do check out FLO courses! Developed by experienced media creators, teachers, and consultants – they give kids a fun experience in today’s digital arts.

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