Namsangol Hanok Village

Welcome back to our Korea adventure series!

Spring has sprung here in South Korea, and that means moods are better, the scenery is greener, and people are venturing out in droves!

February was just kind of a blah month for us, even though we celebrated Denna’s 9th birthday and had some fun bowling and playing MtG as a family at the local USO.

But now that the weather is the picture of paradise, we have been able to walk to the park more and go on some family trips on the weekends.

A couple weekends ago, just as the cherry blossoms were starting to appear, we took a short subway ride over to the other side of Namsan mountain. Our plans were to visit the Namsangol Hanok village, a group of traditional houses in a free park. Then we walked around Myeongdong and ended up visiting the cathedral there. I will post pictures of that part of the trip next.

inside hanok

Traditional Korean houses set up for viewing

Each of the hanok, or traditional Korean houses are furnished in the historical style and have openings that you can peer inside to get an idea of what life was like back in the Joseon Dynasty.

From what we could tell, each house or building was set up for a specific class from peasant to nobility.

seating area in hanok

The park is set up like a village, complete with outdoor features.

Ceramic pots to ferment kimchi and gochujang

Ceramic pots to ferment kimchi and gochujang

The park has a walking trail that gives you a great view of Namsan tower. It also leads you to the thousand-year time capsule square, placed in 1994 at the 600th anniversary of Seoul being a capital city.

We live just over that mountain

We live just over that mountain

Since we visited on a weekend, there were plenty of families there to enjoy the weather and the festivities. We arrived pretty early and as we walked around many booths were being set up to sell handmade crafts.

There were also booths with activities for kids and several traditional games to try.

playing traditional games

Kids trying out a traditional game with hoops and sticks

african thumb instrument

At one booth a man made African thumb pianos, or kalimba

This park is very close to our house, only about 4 subway stations away at the Chungmuro station. It is easy to find, and best of all it is free!

posing by lanterns

It was a great trip for just a family outing and we had plenty of time afterwards to eat some jokbal for lunch and explore Myeongdong.

jokbal for lunch

Jokbal for lunch – the lower portion of a hog leg

 Want to see more of our experience here in Korea?

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  1. Paola Collazo says:

    The Bussingers went over the mountain, to see what they could see…so happy to know you are enjoy your time in Korea. God is good! What a blessing! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family!

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