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strewing through pinterest

But here it is! Straight from brain to blog. People ask me all the time where I get my great ideas from for books, videos, activities, and other offshoots of my kids’ interests. And they ask me how I strew for my teen who is not so into the kiddy crafts and picture books anymore.

We use a lot of technology in this house. When someone asks me a question and I don’t know the answer, my response usually includes going to YouTube or Google and doing a search for resources.

I also keep track of great ideas and resources through Pinterest. Some of the boards I create specifically to share with the kids. Others are just a clearinghouse for stuff we might find cool when we are bored one day.

on her galaxy tablet

New tablet for someone’s birthday!

How do you strew through Pinterest?

Pinterest is such a great place to organize ideas. I start by making a board, either on a specific topic or just a general theme.

Most of the boards I make are for me personally – bookmarks of cool stuff I’ve run across that I might want to show the kids. But I also make boards just for the kids. They have the Pinterest app on their tablets and laptops and I usually just email or text them the link to the board I made for them. That way they can browse all the cool stuff and get ideas for their own.

Don’t know what strewing is?

Check out my ebook – The Art of Strewing!

One of the most awesome features of Pinterest now is that you can pin YouTube videos.

pinning youtube videos

Speaking of pinning videos – check out the Homeschool Videos board by Mary Flanders!

As you can see, sometimes I don’t even need to make a specific board because an amazing person has already created a great collection!

You can search for Pinterest boards by selecting “boards” in the search on Pinterest, or by adding the word “Pinterest” to your Google search terms.

sketching an atom model

Sketching a model of an atom

Strewing story:

When we were watching the tv show Chuck, Denna started asking about bombs. That led to a discussion on different kinds of bombs, which led to talking about atomic bombs. This got her very interested in atomic theory and the periodic table.

She was asking more questions than I could answer at the time, so we went in search of videos and websites that could satiate her curiosity.

And so we looked and found this Chemistry, Periodic Table, and Atomic Theory board and browsed for days!

More awesome unschooling boards for strewing

Looking for some more boards to follow for strewing ideas? Here are some of my personal boards and boards that I follow for their unschooly ideas:

General unschooling boards

  • Unschooling Is Awesome – the place to start for cool ideas. A board almost as old as Pinterest, over 20 unschoolers pinned more than 300 pins!
  • Unschooling – a board my sister and I pin to. Lots of fun ideas and information.
  • Lifetime Love of Learning – keep the curiosity and fun alive

Boards by subject


Literature, Language, Writing

History & Geography



Very specific, very awesome boards

So do you use Pinterest to find ideas for your kids? Ever make a board to share with them?

Share your favorite boards in the comments!

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3 Responses to Strewing Through Pinterest: Totally Awesome Unschooling Boards

  1. Tina J. says:

    I CAN NOT WAIT to look at all these links tomorrow! (I’m dying to look at them now, but insomnia last night is making it impossible.)
    My first attempt at strewing seems to have been a complete fail. (what did I expect, getting books from the library.) I DID think the rocks they picked up in the mountains would interest them when I put a field guide in the box too and put it in the middle of their playroom… Not so much.
    I’ll keep trying. Thanks for taking the time to share all this great information. I’m going to look at every bit of it!

  2. Paola Collazo says:

    Just opened an account a couple days ago!

  3. Nicole Junkin says:

    I have a couple of boards that I specifically share with my son. One is his -Batman Lover, he chose the name, and the other is homeschooling stuff. He loves animals, so I usually share the pins I find of horses, dogs and cats, as well as all the other amazing animals on there.

    I would like to try to do more with it, but that’s probably just my guilty conscience talking. :/

    Miss you and all my other CU friends from facebook. My son has become OBSESSED WITH Gangnam style and I cannot help but think of you guys when I hear him playing it or singing it. 😀

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