middle school snake lapbook

One of the fun things about travelling is picking up fun books and activities for the ride. On our trip to Osan to visit some Kansas friends, the kids each got a sticker book for the bus trip home.

Raven chose a cool book about deadly animals – mostly for the snakes. Her and I both love snakes and we had been reading and watching videos about them after we saw that a couple of our friends on Facebook had ball pythons as pets.

When we got home she still had snake stickers leftover so I suggested she start a snake lapbook to display all the information she had learned about them.

If you think your middle schooler is too old to make a lapbook, think again. They are a nice change of pace from a textbook and they make a colorful presentation for a portfolio. The convenient thing about lapbooks and older grades is you can leave most of the research and creation to the child and the project will be truly theirs.

front cover snake lapbook

For her lapbook cover, she actually drew and designed the “all about snakes” graphic with her bamboo tablet and printed it out.

inside of lapbook

Videos, websites, and books about snakes

We found some of the resources about snakes for kids to be too simple for Raven. So we expanded our research to include herpetology  (the science of reptiles), coming across snakes in nature, and breeding and handling snakes in captivity. 

The resources linked here are good for upper elementary through high school kids:

Since we saw friends who own ball pythons as pets, we looked up a lot of information about choosing and keeping a ball python.

We spent almost an entire day marveling at all the different colors and patterns of ball pythons made possible through breeding.

Snake movement mini book

Snake movement mini book

 A very cool video about snake locomotion: 

We found a great book at the library that had information on snake anatomy, habitats, and even senses.

We also looked up some common snakes in Kansas, as well as the Mamushi – a venomous snake that lives in Japan, Korea, and China.

Nonvenomous snake mini book

Nonvenomous snake mini book

Printables for a snake lapbook

Since we already had snake stickers, we mainly used the free snake lapbook at Homeschool Share to complete our mini books. I also printed out several images of different snake species so that Raven could draw and make her own mini books.

snake coloring page back of lapbook

This lapbook will count towards Raven’s 7th grade transcript under Animal Science. I could also give her some credit in art as well since she created mini books and digital graphics for the project based on real snakes.

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  1. This is great! My 2nd grader is into copperheads right now and wants to do a lapbook. I was stalling because I had no idea where to start. Thanks for the resources a bunch of these will work great for us!

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