Aiins World Bucheon

Famous buildings from around the world – in miniature!

So, we went on a field trip with our Korean tutor ages ago – like way back at the end of October. She invited our family and her aunt and niece to meet in Bucheon where we toured Aiins World – an outdoor museum of miniature architecture.

I was going through my pictures the other day to organize and move some over to my external drive and realized I hadn’t even blogged this experience!

It was soooooo fun and I can’t believe I haven’t shared it with you guys.

History, architecture, geography – all in one trip!

This isn’t really a museum so much as it is an art gallery. These miniatures were constructed by hand (my tutor said maybe college students?) with remarkable detail. Each miniature model is built to scale.

All the buildings are outdoors, and the park is quite large. You can see everything from modern masterpieces to ancient structures.

Get more information about visiting Aiins World.

I couldn’t post all of our pictures, so here is a great 80-second tour of the buildings:

twin towers

Is that? Yes, those are the twin towers, right next to the Empire State Building (complete with King Kong).

It was kind of surreal seeing the twin towers in Korea. Because, you know – I’ve never been to New York. And they aren’t there anymore.

arc de triomphe

Some of the miniatures even had little painted backdrops – which made them even more fantastic.

inside the colosseum

The colosseum was built so that people could walk inside and see the rows of seats. Denna and her new friend had fun running in and out.

city of petra

There were many different cultures and countries represented. This is the secret city of Petra – and my kids recognized it from our Drive Thru History videos!

We started our tour at about 4pm and as it started getting dark we got some amazing views. The entire park is lit up at night as well!

times square

Miss Jee was preparing a trip to visit South and North America and we chatted about some of the sights she would see. Times Square was one of them!

pretty bridge at night

It was a day filled with wonder and friendship. We enjoyed practicing our Korean with Jee’s aunt and niece. And they practiced English with us. We all had fun talking about the buildings, what places we had been to, and how to say the different countries in both languages.

eating shabu shabu

And afterwards we ate some delicious Shabu Shabu.

What is shabu shabu? Well I’m glad you asked. You get a large boiling pot of broth, and thinly sliced beef and veggies (plus mushrooms if you want). You add the beef and veggies to the broth and let it cook. You can then add noodles, rice, and other things available on order. It makes for a scrumptious group meal and it’s pretty reasonable in price!

A video showing shabu shabu in Korea (note that we ate Japanese style shabu shabu so our broth was not spicy – just clear):

tower of pisa

Trying to straighten out the Tower of Pisa

Aiins World is in Bucheon, which was about 40 minutes away on the taxi and subway. It is considered a satellite-city of Seoul, but it has it’s own appeal as a place to find great arts and culture – there is a philharmonic orchestra as well as a film festival held every year.

You can get to Aiins World by line 7 to the new Bupyeong-gu Office station. It’s not on Google maps yet but you can see it on this updated subway map.

If you come out exit 2 from the station, you can walk or grab a taxi to Aiin’s World. The map below shows the direction you will need to go.

aiins world

They are open year-round and you can find operating hours at the Korea Tourism site. The price is 10,000 won for adults, 8,000 for kids ages 3-12 (under 3 free).

View Adventures In Seoul in a larger map

Did you recognize all the structures in our pictures and the video? What famous building would you like to see miniaturized?

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3 Responses to UHS Thursday: Aiins World in Bucheon

  1. Amanda says:

    Hello, may I ask which exit of Bupyeong-gu Office station able to head to Aiins world? And how do I navigate from the station?

  2. Aadel says:

    Amanda – take exit 2 out of the Bupyeong-gu Office station. I have updated the post to include a picture of how to walk to Aiin’s World from the station. It’s probably a 7-10 minute walk or a quick taxi ride!

  3. Amanda says:

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply and detail description! Very useful for my upcoming trip. Love your blog (:

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