Links and resources to make a lapbook for Charlotte's Web

This past fall I did something amazing with my kids.

I read to them out loud.

I know, I know. You’re supposed to read to your kids all the time. What a horrible parent I am. We usually have a book or two that I am reading with the kids at any given time. But in the process of moving overseas, losing our book box, getting settled into a new routine, and more we just fell out of the habit.

They listen to plenty of audio books on their cd player and my ipod. And they read enough books on their own to make me one ecstatic mama.

This fall we finally started to get bored of being stuck inside and got our groove back in the homeschooling department. Cabin fever kicked in and I suggested some fun relief from fighting over who got the computers and video games each day.

I looked around for a book to read together – something we would all enjoy and the kids could draw and color while I read. Lo and behold, I found our practically new copy of Charlotte’s Web.

charlotte's web and inside of lapbook

How had this beautiful little book slipped through our fingers all these years? I realized that the girls had only seen references to Wilbur, and had never been formally introduced.

We set out to remedy that.

When we had read about 3 chapters, I went looking for some coloring pages for the kids to color while I read. In my search, I found some resources to make a lapbook. We hadn’t made a lapbook in ages – and Denna thought it sounded mighty fun!

mini books charlottes web

Resources for a Charlotte’s Web Lapbook

All the printables we used in Denna’s lapbook are free! Yippee! I love when I find an awesome resource that someone has put hard work into creating for the homeschool/education community.

lapbook laid out

Free Notebooking pages to go with Charlotte’s Web

If notebooking is more your style, there are a few good printables for that also.

pig care mini book

Now that we have finished the book and the lapbook, I have requested the classic movie from our library.

The girls have some other projects they want to turn into lapbooks now as well. It’s funny how one project kind of feeds into another. This morning Raven was researching snakes and Denna had found a free geography app for our tablet. She is almost finished with her Japan study and is looking for a new country to explore.

Other lapbooks we have created:

Notebooking projects:

Make a notebook from life experiences - great for hobbies, travel, field trips

And take a peek at how we turn our regular days into a life experience notebook – perfect for portfolios.

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2 Responses to Charlotte’s Web Unit Study & Lapbook

  1. Susan Shipe says:

    I saw Charlotte’s Web and had to come over to peek! CW is my favorite book – our nest is empty and our grandchildren are even too old to read CW but every summer, my beautiful anniversary edition makes its way to the coffee table in the living room – the most amazing book! I love it even now. xoxo I want to color with your children!

  2. Amanda says:

    Hi do you have pictures of what the complete lap book per page should look like?

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