The most frugal way to make broth in your crockpot

November and December present a trifecta of reasons to stock up on your own homemade broth: flu/cold season, winter weather, and the holidays.

Last week I started making the grocery list of staples that we would need in the coming weeks. Flour, butter, and eggs for baking. Meat for roasting. Potatoes and onions for those comfort foods you enjoy with family.

I also started making batches of my homemade chicken broth. It is one of the easiest things to make if you have a decent-sized crockpot and it is much more frugal than buying it in the store. It’s also way healthier for you and helps everyone fight of the nasty bugs that go around this time of year.

Homemade stock/broth can be stored in the fridge or the freezer and it makes a great base for all your soups, gravies, marinades, and more.