Summer Never Ends! A Day In Our Unschooling Life

Meeting online friends for realsies

A couple months ago, one of my long-time Facebook friends and fellow unschooling mom put the word out that they would be travelling and would like to meet up with people along the way. I jumped at the opportunity and they just happened to be coming right through Oklahoma.

As we firmed up dates and times I began talking to the kids about it, explaining that we would be meeting fellow unschoolers and brainstorming things to do in the area. The kids had a lot of questions about where this family was from, where they were going, and who they were and so we did a lot of Google map searching and looking at pictures on Facebook.

When our friends actually arrived, everyone took their time getting to know each other. It was fun to see how different their personalities were. But before long, the kids were talking and inviting each other to play.