Using discernment at homeschool conventions

Tis the season! Homeschoolers and homeschool bloggers are packing their bags and getting ready to attend all the conferences, curriculum sales, and conventions that start as early as February and run until August.

Although I’m not a huge attender of conventions (I used to have a very real fear of crowds and being touched by strangers), I understand the appeal. It’s like a sci-fi convention for a nerd – you can go and get your geeky fix of memorabilia, hear other geeks talk about your passions, and even make a few new friends.

Personally, I have attended 3 large homeschool conventions in my life, and several more smaller curriculum sales, presentations, and sharing days. I’ve enjoyed them for the most partI did a lot of research going in to the big conventions and was very selective about what presentations I attended.

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