Last year we didn’t really have a Christmas. We were in the midst of planning and packing to more here to South Korea. And so we spent most of December and January tidying up our lives and visiting family that we wouldn’t see in a long while.

This year, we have Christmas spirit oozing out of our ears.

Our little tree

I am hesitant to share that our humble, miniature Christmas tree is already up and decorated with tiny red and gold bows, and we have several presents stacked up at the base. I will blame these early decorations on the realization that some of the excitement of being in a foreign country has worn off and everyone, especially my children, is missing some of the comforts and traditions of home.

The holidays are especially funny here because Korea doesn’t really recognize any of the days that we Americans think of as major. The Korean Thanksgiving, or chuseok, was held back in October. Department stores and public buildings will be decorated for Christmas, but it really isn’t the big family holiday here. Even New Years is not really the same. Koreans recognize the solar new year, Sinjung, but they usually celebrate the lunar new year, Seollal, which is at the end of January 2014.

And so we take these little vacations from everyday life and try to bring back some of the traditions of home to brighten our spirits.

We revel in the little bits of home we find while out and about. Christmas music playing, tinsel on a doorway.

A paper Christmas star adorns our plain doorway

A paper Christmas star adorns our plain doorway

And we have been blessed to be part of an awesome little group on Facebook whose sole purpose is just to share needs and give to others.

The Christmas spirit that we are filled with is just not nostalgia. It’s also about extending a hand to others. That is what the birth of Christ has always been about.

God came as a human, revealed himself to mankind, and his purpose in doing so was to extend a hand to us.

Christmas Stocking Stuffer from iHomeschool Network


If you haven’t already been paying attention, the bloggers at iHomeschool Network have been holding giveaways for 30+ days now.

Now, near the end of our 40 day countdown to Christmas, we are giving away $400 (through Amazon or paypal – your choice)! It will be a huge blessing to one homeschool family this year. It also blesses us with the joy of giving.

We have opened up all the previous giveaways also, so you can go back and enter any that you missed.

Grand prize giveaway!

As if 38 prizes and a cash giveaway weren’t enough, on December 13th (Friday), we will have a grand prize giveaway that includes:

  1. $400 (Amazon gift card or Paypal – winner’s choice)
  2. All the previous prizes!

That means one homeschool family will win everything – all the prizes listed on the individual days PLUS some spending money!

You can enter for the first cash giveaway right here on my blog. For tomorrow’s grand prize giveaway, please visit iHomeschool Network and click on day #40.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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