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When I wrote up our tentative plan for Raven’s 7th grade year, I completely forgot to include her computer and technology interests! Last year, she worked on Windows programming through Visual Basic – thanks to the awesome KidCoder program from Homeschool Programming.

She enjoyed that course, but her real love is websites. So we were thrilled when we got an advance copy of the newest KidCoder – Beginning Web Design!

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KidCoder Beginning Web Design - a #homeschool computer course for 4th-12th grades

HTML and CSS course for homeschoolers

The KidCoder Beginning Web Design course is a semester program that introduces kids to creating their own websites using HTML and basic CSS elements. It includes a student text and a CD-ROM that includes all the instructions and solutions for the student activities. There is also an optional CD-ROM that includes instructional videos – which we highly recommend.

Beginning Web Design student text

The student text is self explanatory and easy to follow

The student text starts with explaining how websites work and the languages used to tell websites how to look. That means neither you nor your child need to be steeped in web design knowledge!

And if you get stuck, you can contact Homeschool Programming for support and they will get back to you within one business day.

Rather than telling kids about the programming languages used to design websites, this course lets kids make a website from scratch.

Kids will learn:

  • How to create HTML files
  • HTML symbols
  • Styling text
  • Making ordered lists
  • Hyperlinks (internal and external)
  • Navigation bars and footers
  • CSS effects (stylesheet basics)
  • Graphics, backgrounds, and editing images
  • Tables
  • Plus more!

Once a child goes through the Beginning Web Design course, they can move onto Advanced Web Design – due to be released at the end of December! If you want to purchase the first semester, you can get the “pack” discount for the advanced semester when it is released!

Why we love KidCoder Beginning Web Design

As a blogger and online content creator, I am honored by a course that “speaks my language” – so to speak. In the early days of the weblog (later shortened to just blog), a person had to build their website from the ground up using HTML. Even by the time I started writing online, HTML was and remains a handy tool to have in one’s repertoire.

CSS is something that I have been learning alongside Raven. CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, work “on top” of HTML. They make designing a website (like this blog!) a lot easier.

Example of creating a website from scratch with HTML

Raven has enjoyed the hands-on project of creating her own website. She is learning things that she can immediately apply to her own blog.

By combining hands-on learning and a relevant topic, this course has sparked an interest for my budding blogger.

View the demo video that gives you a sneak peak at the course.

If your child is interested in playing and creating games, they might enjoy the other courses that Homeschool Programming has to offer:

  • KidCoder Visual Basic series (Windows and Game programming)
  • TeenCoder C# series
  • TeenCoder Java series (Android and Java programming)

Delight Directed 7th GradeRead more about how we designed Raven’s 7th grade unschooling/life-learning/delight-directed transcripts.

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