I’ve had this resource post in my drafts for a while. On one of our many trips to the library this summer, we found an awesome art book that helped spark our idea to look into history through the eyes of art for Raven’s 7th grade transcript.

Since Wassily Kandinsky is one of her favorite artists of all time, she chose him for her first artist study of the year. We haven’t really done artist studies in the past, but she has studied various artists in co-op class back in Kansas.

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Printables and resources for a Kandinsky artist study

And so, I purchased some art stickers from Dover, printed off lots of fun notebooking pages, and collected resource links – and we went to town!

The only problem was – when it was time to return the books to the library, I left most of our printed papers inside the book!!!

When we went back to the library, the book was re-shelved – sans papers. And the staff didn’t know who or when had processed the book so there was no telling what happened to our precious resources.

Some of the pages were not finished, but a lot of them were awesome art studies that Raven had done. Argh. I still can’t believe we lost it all. Now we only have two pages in her art notebook to show for it all.

Wassily information notebooking page

So here my post sat – with all the resources carefully organized. I finally got up the courage to take pictures of what is left so I could share it.

Here are the resources that we used to study Wassily Kandinsky.

Online links to information and activities for Kandinsky

Kandinsky Notebooking Pages

Books and Physical Resources


Videos about Kandinsky (or in his style)

We really enjoyed learning about the connection between Kandinsky’s works and music – and how he used his gift of synesthesia. Wassily could see sound – and hear colors!

As a strong auditory learner, I have often been able to “hear” movement. I have a vocabulary of words that my family knows is my way of expressing how things move. They think I’m a little kooky – but they put up with me. It was neat to discuss this with the kids and find out other ways that we experience the world uniquely through our senses.

If you want to read more about synesthesia (and Kandinsky) check out this fun article: Wassily Kandinsky: Synesthesia and Abstraction. Also – The Man Who Heard His Paintbox Hiss.

Other art resources we are using:

More of our notebooking resources:


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3 Responses to Wassily Kandinsky Notebooking Study

  1. Janelle says:

    Thanks for your great post! Such a bummer to lose those pages! But it sounds like you really learned Kandinsky!! I am going to use many of your links and ideas as we dig into this guy in our homeschool the next two months. Thanks for a great resource!!


    • Aadel says:

      Have fun! Our art teacher in Kansas loved Kandinsky and she shared that love with us. He is so fun to study!

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