A free ebook for those experiencing loss

For those who have experienced pregnancy loss

I don’t talk about it a whole lot on my blog, but prior to the birth of our son I experienced a miscarriage. The pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned, and it was a very stressful time in our lives. Jay was getting ready to leave for his first deployment to Iraq.

Many people don’t like to talk about miscarriage at all unless they have personally experienced it. And even then, it can be a taboo subject. Women often aren’t allowed to process the grief and trauma fully without judgement.

With a miscarriage you have to understand that a woman is suffering the loss of a child. The pregnancy carried deep emotional hopes and plans and the woman is already attached in some way to the life growing inside her.  It is not ok to presume that since the child was not yet born, that it is not any less painful or stressful.

From Expectation to Miscarriage

That is why I volunteered to be a part of a team of bloggers whose goal was to write from our own experiences of miscarriage. We are offering our stories, collected in a pdf ebook, for the women out there who need to hear that others have gone through this. We want to give encouragement, hope, and support.

Get the free ebook From Expectation to Miscarriage here.

Faith, Hope, and Healing

If you or anyone you know could use additional support, prayer, or somewhere to share a personal story – we have set up a support group on Facebook with several of the ebook authors there to help.

I pray that as we share our stories, “we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God” (2 Corinthians 1:4).

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3 Responses to From Expectation to Miscarriage: Free Ebook

  1. Tessa W says:

    I haven’t read the book (plan to download it soon) but have experienced a couple miscarriages myself. It’s not an easy thing and some of the comments I received were pretty insensitive. I’m thankful that the Lord put in my heart that my baby had finished her mission on Earth and it was therefore time for her to go home to heaven. It’s been 6 years since my first (and hardest) miscarriage and 2 healthy boys and a third baby on the way. I’m so much more grateful for my kids now than I think I would have been otherwise. I’ve also been given a big lesson in the fact that though they are entrusted to my care, they are not my own and their lives are not in my hands. Reassuring most days and scary some others. It’s a good thing that God is so much better at this than I am!

  2. Bethany says:

    I started blogging because of a miscarriage. I had to have somewhere to put the emotions, and since we were in the middle of a PCS it worked well as something I could take with me. I’ve blogged my way through cancelled adoptions now too, and several Deployments, and writing is healing. Wish I had known that during the first two deployments and the year he spent in Korea!
    Thanks for sharing.

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