Hello from the Cat Cafe in Hongdae, Seoul

Street food, art, shopping, and more in Hongdae

After Sinchon, Hongdae was the next area we discovered in Seoul for shopping and absorbing the culture.

Our discovery began with a search to find a Magic: The Gathering shop for Jay. We located Dive Dice just behind the subway exit – a great game store that is clean and carries a wide selection of board and card games in several languages.

Then, when we were looking for a Daiso shop, we realized that the one in Hongdae was 4 stories of awesome shopping – and it’s the largest we have found in Seoul yet.

Most of our trips to Hongdae have been short – and not all of us were together. So one weekend we decided to take a family trip over there and just walk around to see what we could find.

The area around Hongik University is teeming with cool shops, artsy displays and galleries, beautiful tree-lined streets, mouth-watering street food vendors, and performers when it gets later in the evening.

Art display in Hongdae

Cat Cafe (aka Cat’s Attic) in Hongdae

In the previous video you can see that we found a cat cafe while walking around and the girls asked me if we could go there.

Jay didn’t really want to go inside, so when Gaius woke up I took the kids up while daddy went walking around a bit.

Cat cafe in Hongdae, South Korea

There are several cat/dog cafes here in Seoul. The concept is that you can relax and play with pets while having a drink. Since most people live in apartments here in the city, this is a chance to get your kitty or doggie fix without having to take care of an animal full-time.

When you enter the cafe, there is a little room where you take off your shoes, sanitize your hands, and tell the worker how many people are in your group. Each person has to order a drink as your “entrance fee”.

This was the first cat cafe we had been to, and we were impressed by how clean and relaxed it was.

They had a wide variety of cats who were awake and ready to play. Some of them didn’t really want to be around the kids, but there weren’t any that were truly scared or freaked out by people.

Girls petting an American Shorthair at the cat cafe

The girls fell in love with the Sphinx cat, which liked to stay in the windows and check everyone out, and the American Shorthair (pictured above). This guy was just worn out by the end of our visit and purred away as the kids gave him generous scratches and pets.

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We thought the concept was pretty cool, and the cats seemed friendly enough. It would be fun for older kids to visit. Gaius got kind of bored when the cats didn’t want to interact with him. They were a little leery of his quick movements and my camera. He loved petting the kitty at the end of our visit.

Oh – and just in case you are wondering the drinks were very good.

안녕히 계세요!

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One Response to UHS Thursday: Cat Cafe & Our Trip to Hongdae!

  1. Dawn says:

    What a fun experience. I like the idea of a dog or cat cafe. We have cafe’s here where people can bring their dogs in with them. We are in a very dog friendly city. However, that is not the same has them being there to pet and handle. Thanks for sharing your adventures. My kids enjoy watching.
    Blessings, Dawn

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