Pyounghwa Park near World Cup Stadium

Pyounghwa Park at World Cup Stadium

When you hear the word park – what is the image that comes into your mind? When I was a kid, it conjured images of swings, fields of grass to play sports, and maybe a sand pit for volleyball.

Living all over the country, we noticed that the word park could mean different things.

Sometimes we were very disappointed when discovering that a park on a map was really just a glorified playground. Or the kids would find it weird that a park was just a walking path and no real place to play.

Here in Seoul, there seems to be two distinct kinds of areas you can find. A playground is just that – toys set up on some man-made surface. We have several of those in our neighborhood for kids to play on after school.

gus likes the park

And then, there is a park.

We’ve been to several parks here in Korea. They are always gorgeous – full of natural beauty. And they usually have walking trails, playgrounds, exercise areas, and modern restrooms.

Last week we went further down subway line 6 than we had ever gone to check out the parks around the World Cup Stadium exit.

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There are actually five parks in the area, but we only explored Pyounghwa Park that day. It is the smallest and nearest to the subway station.

peaceful bridge

A peaceful bridge leading to one of the other parks

The sun was out for one day, and so the kids and I packed up a picnic and headed out for some much needed nature.

Pyounghwa Park (also spelled Pyeonghwa) is  just across from the World Cup Stadium on the West side of Seoul. Paved and natural walkways surround a gorgeous pond/lake with plenty of spots for picnics, bike riding, and nature studies.

On the South side of the lake, there is an awesome playground with sand! My kids hadn’t seen sand for so long and they had a blast playing in it with their bare feet.

playground outside

playground inside

After eating and playing, we decided to walk the rest of the way around the trail and just enjoy the flowers and beautiful nature.

nature study

There were a lot of groups and families enjoying picnics on the tables by the convenience store, on blankets in the grass, and on the structures we like to call “meditation platforms”. I’ll have to snap a picture of one to show you.

Peaceful Collage

The scenery was just gorgeous, as you can tell from the photos I snapped. The kids loved finding specimens of bugs and plants. They ended up collecting a few rocks and some very strange small apple-like fruit growing on bushes.

The park was a bit of a walk from the subway station. You have to come out of the parking lot, cross the major road, and over another parking area for the stadium. We ended up taking a taxi home because it began sprinkling on our walk back to the station and our feet were tired!

If you can see in the top right photo of my collage above, the next park over has a giant hill that you can climb 300 steps to get to the top and have an amazing view over Seoul.

We plan to take daddy with us next time and venture up that hill to get some great pictures for family back home!

denna at park

At the end of the day, we all declared our park day a huge success and went home worn out but relaxed.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Awesome exploring you are getting to do. I love how you are fully taking advantage of your travels.
    Blessings, Dawn

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