It rained every day for three weeks.

And then I got sick with a cold/flu.

I know it’s the rainy season here in Korea, but come on! As a result of the downpours and my down-pouring nose, the kids and I have been inside for quite a while.

Which means, we got bored and had to find stuff to do.

frozen dinosaurs

To keep Gaius busy, we made play dough, salt dough, rice sensory bins, little towns of Little People, masking tape raceways, etc.

Oh – and we froze toy dinosaurs in old sour cream tubs and let him “excavate” them out with a bucket of warm water and some tools (plastic dinnerware).

Event tickets

Elizabeth Blackwell Notebook Page

I asked the girls to help me organize their regular and South Korea notebooks one afternoon. We took the time to sort through and slim down some of their papers, plus add in event tickets and brochures from our travels.

By the way, I just love the Simple Biography notebooking pages from Jimmie. They worked great for Denna to to with our Civil War Women books.

Organizing our resources

I even took the time to organize our supply cabinet. I never do that!

Egyptian Architecture Notebooking

Egyptian Art from Book

Raven is really enjoying her book about Art History that we got from the library. She really loves Ancient Egypt, and so she was really into Egyptian art these past few weeks.

Gundam – our new favorite hobby

Finally this past weekend I told Jay that we had to get out of the house, even if it was raining.

We decided to drive the car over to I’Park Mall at the Yongsan subway station and check out the 7th floor. I had read a blog post about a very neat Gundam store that I had never noticed there before (probably because I’d never ventured up to the top floor)

When we got there, they just happened to be having a Gundam Expo on the main floor of the mall! Lots of cool robots on display – and I forgot my camera and my phone was dead. :'(

But, but – the day was saved because we all fell in love with Gundam Base hobby store and their thousands of little model robots. We each ended up buying one to take home and build.

All the parts!!!!

All the parts!!!!

A Gundam is a character from a series of Japanese anime shows. The store we went to was not full of tv shows though. Gundam are also plastic model kits of various characters that you pop together to create a moving display figure.

Think of it kind of like a model plane or car that you buy in a hobby store.

Most of the model kits we saw were already painted and made of recyclable plastic. There were a few you had to paint yourself.

raven building gundam

The kits were actually fairly simple to understand and put together. The larger kits took some time. I think mine had the most parts. But they even had mini gundam that were only a few parts. We put Gaius’ and Denna’s kits together in about 20 minutes.

Pink and girlie for Denna

Pink and girlie for Denna

Gaius wanted the white knight

Gaius wanted the white knight

My gundam had a scorpion tail that looked awesome in the store, but proved quite tricky to put together.

Check out the sweet tail!

Check out the sweet tail!

We spent the afternoon and evening just hanging out together, building and playing with our Gundams.

Jay and I both got really into building and now we are trying to not run out and buy another model kit to put together!

It was a nice distraction from the soggy weather anyhow.

Now that the weather has cleared for the most part, we are starting to venture out into the world again. I’m planning a trek to a huge park because we really want to try renting bikes and have that experience. There are several places to rent a bike and go riding on trails, but we have been looking for a place that would have something for us all to do as Denna never had the interest in learning to ride and Gaius would need to ride with me.

We are also making plans for a fall vacation after Jay gets back from his field exercises in late September. I want to visit some of the other parts of Korea. If anyone has been outside of Seoul and has suggestions please share! 

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