At some point Jay and I may or may not have promised Gus that we would find a place where he could see life-size dinosaur bones.

And we might have freaked out a little afterwards with the thought that there might not be anything like that here in Korea.

But never fear!

We found an amazing science museum that not only had dinosaur bones, but animated dinosaurs! And tons of other cool stuff!

plants, weapons, space

The Gwacheon Science Museum (aka Scientorium) is located just South of Seoul at the Seoul Grand Park subway station. You will be hearing more about this area when we share about our zoo trip. There is a ton of stuff to do at this location and it is nestled right in the mountains – which makes for gorgeous scenery.

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Hands-on, family science fun!

While doing my research to find dinosaur exhibits, I read about the museum on the Korean tourism site and on Kids Fun in Seoul.

I was very intrigued by the variety of the exhibits, and by the price!

It cost our entire family 10,000 won to get into the museum! That is around $9.50 US.

And we had so much fun! Space, chemistry, astronomy, natural and traditional medicines & herbs – and of course dinosaurs!

Most everything was hands-on and there were museum workers at several places giving demonstrations and helping you play the games.

 We got some fun footage of our trip:

Part 2 – with conclusion by the girls:

The girls had a blast and Gaius got to see his dinosaurs!

My favorite two areas were the modern science/scientists exhibit and the traditional Korean science area.

Scientists Exhibit

Where else can you go to learn about Tesla, Newton, and Pascal and then turn around and learn about how Kimchi is traditionally made?

Traditional Korean fermentation display

Traditional Korean fermentation display

We also enjoyed the Korean warfare exhibit, which displayed weapons and tools of warfare throughout the history of Korea.

Oh – and did I mention dinosaurs!!!???

dinosaur bones

We had a great time, and the museum was geared towards families so that was a huge plus. They had a nursing room, a toddler play area, a cafeteria, and even free stroller rentals.

There was even more to see and do outside on the grounds, but we were pooped and decided to come back and explore another day. We plan to bring a picnic basket and make it a fun outdoors trip.

안녕히 계세요!

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