This month has been an amazing month of blessings for our family.

It was a huge step for us to sell most of our furniture, put our house up for sale, and take off to Korea for a year. Sure, we were coddled and held safe by the military. But it was scary and risky nonetheless.

In Kansas we thought we had found a home. A place to settle down and live that American dream. Once again, God reminded us that we are aliens and strangers in this land.

We prayed about a lot of things – finances being one of the main ones.

But we knew that since He had called us, He would also provide for us. And he has done exactly that.

Our hooptie car

Our first blessing came in the form of a car. It’s not much – a $500 hooptie. But it makes the difference for Jay in getting to work with all his gear.

We can also now take a family vacation later this year and be able to explore outside of Seoul more than we could with just buses and trains.

Right after we got our car, we found out that we have renters for our house. The housing market was just not moving these past 6 months, and so we decided to place our home up for rent to try to recoup our mortgage.

We haven’t really been struggling, but renters will make things even smoother. And our house doesn’t have to sit empty for a year.

Unschooling blessings – pastels, language lessons, and biology

Working on a castle in chalk pastels

We were in such a hurry to get our house packed up and stuff shipped over here that I made the huge blunder of putting our box of books into the wrong pile. It got put into storage for a year instead of coming over here with us. So that means the only books we brought with us were a few Life of Fred’s, the books we were reading on the plane, and a few that I had with the stuff from my bedroom.

Thankfully, I have the blessing of knowing other awesome homeschool bloggers and I have been able to get free ebooks and materials in exchange for reviews. Also I get free prime shipping through Amazon, an amazing used bookstore near our house, and the PX has a nice selection of books.

The girls love the tutorials in A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels from Hodgepodge.

korean lessons through Italki

We were also blessed to have Raven try out Italki – a language learning site that connects you with native speakers and even provides sessions with professional teachers on Skype. Raven struggles the most with speaking Korean and so the personal one-on-one lessons have been amazing.

My reviews for Italki and the pastel ebook will be posted soon.

sand devil cat

I’ve also been blessed lately by Raven’s artwork. We have always encouraged her natural abilities in drawing. I think she had preferred a blank piece of paper and a pencil to coloring since she was 4 or 5.

She drew nothing but horses for years, checking out horse anatomy books and practicing body parts for weeks on end. Then she became fascinated with dragons. Right now, she is drawing wolves and large cats for an RP (online role playing chat) that she belongs to.

She even has her own blog where you can see all her latest drawings – check it out here!

Denna plays cell games

Denna is a girl after my heart and has blessed me with her love for all things science!

She especially loves botany and biology – cells, flowers, plants, DNA, and studying the processes of life.

Lately she has been playing games at Sheppard Software – a great educational site that doesn’t have a “schooly” feel.

We have also been blessed by all the inexpensive things to do here in Seoul that our entire family can enjoy. This past month we have gone to an awesome science museum, walked on Namsan mountain and visited the outdoor botanical garden, visited a cat cafe, and saw lots of art in Hongdae. I’ll share some of those adventures as soon as I get the videos and pictures edited.

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9 Responses to June Blessings {Snippets From Unschooling}

  1. Marisa -Grace Mothering says:

    My daughter sent Raven a buddy request on AJ – her name is blacktrack99. She’s 7.5 and plays on there a lot!

  2. Bethany says:

    The joy of unschooling – you find the learning anywhere you are. Thanks for the link to Sheppard Software. Perfect, especially for the summer.
    I have several friends who have done Korea. Some who hated, some who were perfectly happy. I only spent a month, so don’t have much experience, but love hearing about your adventures. Blessings!

  3. Diane says:

    I have been following your blog for a while and am very intrigued by your life in Korea. I have a daughter that love Korean Pop music and anything anime or manga. Also when you were describing Raven’s progression of art work it was like you were describing my daughter. Horses, dragons, wolves, now all kinds of things. When she was 11 and 12 she was also fascinated with the whole role playing online thing.

    • Aadel says:

      Diane – that is awesome that our daughters have such similar tastes! I’m praying that one day all of her talents can combine into one crazy career. 🙂

  4. Linda Merker says:

    I am so happy to have run across your blog! Besides homeschooling we share an interest in Korea. I’ve been a Koreanaphile for about 7 years, wanting to learn as much about Korea as I can, so I will be following your adventure! It’s funny how when we mess up in a big way God rushes in to put things right. You storing your books could have been a big problem but God used it to bless you into rethinking your homeschool and relying on fellow blogging homeschoolers. I hope you have a fabulous year!

    • Aadel says:

      Thank you! I didn’t know much about Korea until my husband found out he was being stationed here. Then the kids and I really fell in love with all things ROK!!!

  5. Your daughter’s drawing is amazing! She’s very talented. I’ve seen the geography games at Sheppard Software but didn’t know they had science things also. I’ll have to check that out.

  6. What a testimony – I love reading about how the Lord is continuing to provide! And, of course I adore the chalk pastel castle!

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