You’ve seen our travel adventures and you have had the official tour of the apartment, but people were asking to see our neighborhood!

We live on the top of a giant hill in Itaewon. We can either walk on the backside of the hill and take a short-cut to post or we can go straight down the hill and  into the shopping district of Itaewon.

It’s easier, and less crowded, to take the back way most of the time. But if we want to go out to eat or get a few groceries, down the hill we go.

Restaurants and shopping galore in Itaewon

You probably already know that Itaewon is known as the International district of Seoul. A lot of foreigners make their homes here and that means there are just about every kind of restaurant and market you could imagine.

In the video, you can see when we pass Gobble N’ Go there is a little street to the left. That side street is a little secret – it holds amazing restaurants where Jay and I often go on dates. Recently we found and fell in love with a Bulgarian restaurant that serves stuffed green peppers and chicken stuffed with bacon, pickles, and cheese.

Our other favorite place to go for a date is Chili King – an amazing burger place that even has poutine (fries smothered in gravy).

At the end of our video you will see Hamilton Shopping Center – which is attached to the Hamilton Motel. It’s right in front of one of the entrances to the metro and you can find all kinds of great souvenirs, trinkets, and K-Pop stuff there. It’s also where we met Gaius’ agent and he got his first modeling job!

Dancing to Shinee

Normally when I take footage with our video camera it automatically takes screenshots. And since I still don’t have my Canon Rebel (it broke and I had to ship it stateside to get fixed/replaced), I don’t have any pictures from our Itaewon walk to share.

So – here’s a pic I snapped today on my Instagram. We have feral cats that howl and fight all week long – and I caught this nasty tom sleeping in the first story window of our building.

old tom cat

I do have some pics of Hongdae (where we were headed to that day) and I’ll share them when I share our next videos!

So instead, I will leave you with the kids dancing to one of their favorite songs by SHINee – Ring Ding Dong.

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