After dealing with carpet for four years – and several dogs to shed all over said carpet – I am kind of enjoying having all wood floors.

The only downside to them is that the tiniest sounds can be heard throughout the entire apartment, and the amount of dusting and mopping they require.

Korean dusting slippers

When Denna and I went on a mom/daughter date to Daiso (a very popular dollar/yen/won store), we found some awesome house slippers that dust the floor while you putter around!

Korean dusting shoes

We knew when we got them home that we had to make a video of us testing them out.

You will notice in the video the following things:

  1. My house is not clean. Please excuse our creative clutter.
  2. Yes – we do have little socks on our chair legs. Another awesome Daiso purchase. Little socks made for your chairs so they don’t scratch your floors.
  3. We had to cut the demonstration short because Denna fell on her bum!

These slippers were pretty cheap – the tops are made of thin material. But for 3,000 won they actually do help dust the floor. The bottoms have microfiber “fingers”.

The kids enjoy wearing them around the house. You can throw them in the laundry when they get really dirty (and we’ve washed them about 3 times now).

It’s a fun way to get your kids excited about cleaning!

dusting fun

Now we just need to find some house shoes with sponges on the bottom so the kids can soap them up and slide around like Pippi Longstocking!

안녕히 계세요

Goodbye! (literally – “stay in peace”)

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One Response to UHS Thursday: Cleaning the House

  1. Joan says:

    HA! I loved seeing this. We have laminate floors on our first floor and you’re right – they are great, but the vacuuming… oh, the vacuuming!! (Not that it wasn’t needed on the carpet, it just didn’t provide quite the “full dust bunny” effect of the hard floor.)

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