Tasting different snacks that we found at the Korean market

We’ve been busy uploading videos onto our Unschoolers Have Seoul YouTube channel!

Since the videos are mainly the kids’ project, I thought I would make Thursdays over here “UHS” days {Unschoolers Have Seoul} and share a video along with an extended explanation from my point of view.

I really just suggest ideas for videos to the girls and tape them, along with providing important commentary during filming.

Tasting Korean Snacks from the Convenience Store

The kids had a great idea about showing some of the different snack-type foods that you can buy here because a lot of it we had never seen, and you can only get a few American food items like Oreos at the convenience stores.

So we walked to the park and afterwards we exchanged a $20 (which came out to roughly 23,000 won) and went to HomeBase. You will hear and see more about HomeBase later.

The girls picked out a few drinks and snacks that they wanted to try. Gaius decided it looked fun and went all out – but his choices were very strange.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on here, but he has an ongoing passion for sea creatures.

So he proceeded to try to buy every single bag of chips, package of cookies, and canned good that had an octopus, squid, shrimp, or fish on it.

As you can see from the video, he succeeded in getting a few sea-themed snacks home. And he thoroughly enjoyed them.

shrimp chips

Since we’ve made that video, I have discovered a few more fun snacks, so we will have to make a Korean snacks part 2. One of my favorites is called Sora Snacks and they are like a honey coated rice cracker with sesame seed sprinkled on them.

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