Normally our family doesn’t use filter programs that are designed to make movies and tv more family friendly. We have found, through experience and research, that most filter out things that we want to see and discuss with our kids, and at the same time they fail to filter some scenes that are too intense.

I recieved this product for free and was compensated for the time it took to review. All of the opinions are my own. Here is my complete disclosure policy.

That is why I was very excited to review enJoy Movies Your Way – a Windows program that gives you complete control over what is filtered and for whom in our family.

enJoy Movies Your Way review - #family friendly filter software

Who is enJoy Movies Your Way for?

There are some things you should know about the enJoy Movies Your Way program. It works for people who:

  • like to watch DVD’s
  • own a computer with Windows and a DVD player (sorry Mac users)
  • have more than basic computer skills

enJoy logo

The enJoy software allows you to filter the exact scenes you choose on a DVD from your computer. You can then watch your movie from your computer or hook up your laptop to the television. You can choose separate profiles for each family member, unlike other filter services that only have intensity variations.

You need to be a little tech savvy to be able to set up your filters- so this program is not for everyone. I think the key word to describe enJoy Movies Your Way is flexibility. Let me explain.

How we use enJoy Movies Your Way.

As I said before, we don’t really use general filter programs in our home. What enticed me about trying enJoy was the fact that I could skip scenes that our middle daughter Denna calls “dark”.

Denna is a very sensitive child and she is also very vocal about what disturbs or scares her. While other parents might be concerned with language, we always struggled with dramatic music, intense emotions, and sometimes even the brightness of a scene.

Even mild children’s movies had some of these issues in them, and Denna would ask us to turn it off because they bothered her.

No filter program would take out the booming drums in Lion King – until now.

Creating a filter to skip an intense movie scene

To test out the enJoy software, I decided to create some filter marks for our new DVD – The Hobbit. Denna loved the book, but when we saw the movie she got upset during the necromancer scene.

You can choose to either skip the selected scene, or you can mute it. You can also set the theme of the filter (for my example it was “scary moment for child”) and what age/intensity level it will be categorized under. That way, it chooses the filters based on what profile is watching the movie.

Our experience and thoughts


Using the program

First off I love how I can skip or mute any scene in any DVD we own -even our Korean dramas and other obscure selections that we own.

I even tried it on one of our DVD’s that has television episodes on it and I was able to select the episode and create filters that worked!

Just so you know – enJoy does not have preset filters that you can use. They do have a small library of filter downloads for specific movies on their website and they plan to make more available. So your investment into the membership also includes access to those.

enJoy may not work for families that are looking for convenience and ease of use. But for families like ours – who want to occasionally create a few filters of their own – it’s perfect.

Denna was excited about creating filters to movies that she enjoys except for a few dark moments. She gave me a lot of feedback and input while reviewing this product, and even sat down to create a filter mark herself at one point.

Viewing movies

This is a computer program, so you will have to connect it to the TV either physically or through a wireless connection in order to watch movies on your television.

enJoy laptop hooked to tv

We do this all the time in order to watch streamed shows so it presented no problem.

Viewing the movie through the enJoy movie player still provided a nice clear picture. We simply right clicked the player and selected zoom>full screen to make the player the size of our tv screen.

Play movie with filters

Overall, I think this program offers something different and fresh.

It doesn’t have a large start-up cost (the software is free to download and a license subscription is just $4.50 per month for premium). I hope in the future they will offer a discounted annual or 6-month subscription option for convenience.


Would you like to try out enJoy Movies Your Way for your family? I am giving away a free two-month subscription to not 1, not 2, but FIVE of my readers!

It’s very easy to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me what movie you would like to filter with enJoy (it could be a new release or a classic oldie).
  2. Come back up here and enter in the Rafflecopter widget. You can also earn entries by liking, sharing, and pinning.

That’s it! Please remember to enter your current email into the Rafflecopter so I can contact you!

Be sure to connect with enJoy Movies Your Way on Facebook an Twitter, and check out their tutorial videos on YouTube!

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5 Responses to enJoy Movies Your Way Review

  1. Kala says:

    My kids love the super hero movies, transformers, iron man etc. I would love to have this for certain scenes in these movies!

  2. Ellen says:

    I would love to filter the Chronicles of Narnia – my 6 year old loves the book but some of the battle scenes would be too intense for her

  3. Samantha says:

    I would like war movies (i.e. Band of Brothers or the sex in The Pacific) filtered. I mean, some of the MAJOR violence, some unnecessary profanity and all the sex. There is one raunchy sex scene in Band of Brothers, but we always FF that.

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