Hello Kitty sign

Can you guess where we went this week?!

If anyone was exited to move to Korea, it was Denna. She did a lot of research before we left on what fun things there were to do and explore. We made a bucket list of all her favorite choices.

Number 1 on the list? Visit a Hello Kitty Cafe.

Hello Kitty wall painting

There are several Hello Kitty locations in Seoul, but we just happened to be going to Edae to a yarn shop (it was an emergency – you have to believe me) and the cafe was just one subway stop away.

We got the directions and a great idea of what to expect from the Cute In Korea blog. (the map she has towards the end of the post is very accurate)

Since we got off at the Edae station, we ended up just walking down to the Sinchon station and start our search from there. It was not a bad walk at all – it took about 5 minutes from the yarn store and then another 7 or so to find the shop.

This area of Seoul was very interesting – all kinds of fun little shops to stop and browse in. There were street food vendors everywhere.

The Hello Kitty cafe itself was on the 2nd and 3rd floors of a building right off a major road. It was mid-afternoon on a Sunday when we went, and it was not busy at all.

Denna eating a waffle

seating in the cafe

I didn’t really expect much out of the experience. I figured if the food was a little better than the pizza at Chucky Cheese’s our trip would be a success.

We were going for the novelty value.

The decor was very tasteful and sweet – considering how overtly pink it was. There was a main level with pleather couches, stairs to a second larger floor, and a small outdoor patio off the second level.

I was pleasantly surprised by the food and drinks we ordered. Here is what we ordered:

  • Raven – choco banana waffle
  • Denna – vanilla fruit waffle
  • Me – cheese hotdog & chocolate mint latte
  • To share – Hello Kitty cheesecake


hello kitty cheesecake

choco mint latte

My hotdog was nothing to holler about – it was a hot dog with cheese drizzled over it and some french fried onions thrown in. It was good. The girls’ waffles were fresh and tasty. Gaius kind of munched off all our plates.

The latte was creamy and tasted just like St. Patties day if you ask me. I enjoyed it.

We absolutely loved the cheesecake though. I almost didn’t purchase it because it was 10,000 won (roughly $9). But it was Denna’s day out and that is what she wanted for dessert.

It was very light and fluffy, with an amazing cheese frosting and little mandarin orange slices inside. Divine.

Raven says peace

Overall I would say that our experience was very enjoyable. We paid around $26.00 for everything and got to sit and relax before we headed back on the subway to our next destination.

They had little dolls and souvenirs you could purchase downstairs, but we think the pictures are a great reminder of our fun there.

The kids and I also made a video of our visit and it will be uploaded shortly to Unschoolers Have Seoul. We are working out some kinks in the editing.

Which brings me to our one and only complaint:

During our visit we attempted to videotape the cafe several times, but it seemed that the music playing inside was just not appropriate for families. A couple English songs played that we have heard on the radio in America, but here they are played uncensored. Koreans don’t always get “curse” words in English (and we don’t always pick up on curse words in Korean) so I don’t have any qualms with the Hello Kitty cafe.

We just didn’t want to offend any of our viewers by having language in the background that might not appeal to people with young kids.

So we are trying as best we can to edit the video. And just so you know if you ever visit the Hello Kitty cafe (well just Korea in general) that you will probably hear popular songs from America uncensored on the street, in restaurants, and even in supermarkets.

They love our music and we should be flattered – not offended.

hello kitty good job today

So that was our outing to the Hello Kitty cafe (and the yarn store – important business). Denna got to cross off something from her Korea dream list and we all had our dose of cute for the day.

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