I don’t particularly like the ocean – or sailing. I grew up in the Midwest about as far from a wave as you could possibly get.

The closest I ever came to sailing was paddling a canoe across a serene lake at 4-H camp.

I am a person, however, who has an adventurous spirit. And that is why I feel like Zac & Abby Sunderland are kindred souls because they both set out to sail around the world – in their teens.

Sunderland Documentaries

Sailing around the world

Just as we were about to pack up our household and set out flying half-way across the world to live in a new country, we received these DVD’s in the mail. I thought they would be a perfect encouragement to my kids.

For those that have not heard of Zac & Abby, they are a brother and sister who both attempted to circumnavigate the globe and beat the record for the youngest person to do so. Zac was the first to try, and he succeeded at the age of 17. Abby later tried to break her brother’s record on her own, and her adventure ended in one of the biggest rescue missions ever.

Their parents were often ridiculed and judged for letting two teens set out on their own into the wild blue yonder. But after conversing with Marianne Sunderland online and watching these movies I could tell that these young people were well loved, well prepared for their journeys, and both of them were changed for the better through their experiences.

Zac and Abby are great examples of what happens when you give kids the freedom to pursue their passions and the guidance to help them see their dreams become reality. Their faith in God and their knowledge of sailing were both evident.

They set out not knowing what would come their way.

And so sitting on the floor and in camping chairs, amongst moving boxes, we watched these inspiring documentaries together. It set the tone for what our attitude would be during our move to Korea – that of trusting in God for the unknown and doing the best you can with what you have.

Intrepid – Zac’s story

Zac’s trip is split up into 2 DVD’s.  Both parts are entertaining, but we especially liked the second which included his run-in with pirates and our favorite part of the entire journey – going through the Panama Canal. It was fascinating to watch not only Zac’s experience on the high seas, but also the exotic stops he made along the way.

13 months alone on a boat might have dampened anyone’s heart but Zac remains steadfast and courageous through multiple malfunctions, frightening situations, and ultimately triumph.

He is an amazing young man with an incredible story – and it was funny to hear him in an interview right after stepping of his boat say that his next adventure might be Mt. Everest.

Wild Eyes – Abby’s story

It’s funny how God works sometimes. The same week we watched Abby’s documentary the girls bought some old Clubhouse magazines from the thrift store (to read on our drive up to Wisconsin). One of the magazines just happened to have a full cover story of Abby and her adventure.

The girls and I knew that Abby’s movie was going to be very different. Whereas with Zac’s we were thrilled with how he overcame every obstacle in his path – we didn’t do so with Abby. We found ourselves much more serious because Abby’s ultimate end was “failure”.

But Abby only failed in that she didn’t make it around the world in her sailboat. Her story is about how you deal with those moments in life when your proverbial boat tips over and you are in dangerous waters.

I won’t spoil the whole story – just know that it really spoke to us as an unschooling family who loves adventures.


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 Disclaimer: I was given the DVD’s for free in exchange for a review. That doesn’t change the way I write so all the opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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19 Responses to A Review Of Intrepid {Parts 1 & 2} And Wild Eyes

  1. TimsArmyWifey says:

    Hey Aadel …. these sound very cool! … I’ve always wanted to sail like that (not necessarily by myself), always felt the ocean calling in a way even though I grew up in AZ! We went on a boat tour of the Channel Islands in CA and it was very windy — 6 ft swells on not to big of a motorboat they almost didn’t go — we all had fun but got wet, however at one point I was up front plastered against the cabin singing “What a mighty God we serve”! It was AWESOME! lol …
    As far as a grand adventure … I’d love to said on a tall ship, hike the Appalachian Trail, visit more places in the world (I think it’d be fun to be on the Amazing Race show if I could get fit!) …

  2. Beth Cook says:

    These dvds sound terrific. We followed a bit of Abby’s adventure as it unfolded, but I must admit that I didn’t know about her brother. This would be a fantastic item for my children. Wonderfully encouraging. Thanks for sharing about the Sunderlands.

  3. Kim Monaco says:

    I would live to go to NewZealand. Not too sure about sailing there, though.

  4. Vicky says:

    Being from the midwest and having never seen the ocean, this would be an excellent blessing for me and my daughter.

  5. I’d love to visit Ireland someday, and New England!

  6. Rachel B. says:

    I would love to see these with my children. hey are young still but I am always looking for ways to positively encourage them that yes they CAN accomplish things!

  7. I’d like to go Inter-railing round Europe with my kids…something I wanted to do as a young adult but never did.

  8. Kristal says:

    Our family would like to RV across the U.S. and learn more about our history! Work on an organic farm, tap maple trees and make our own syrup, go on a show like Frontier House, backpack across Europe, so many possibilities…….

  9. Rebecca Ray says:

    I’d love to spend some time traveling through Europe one day. I’ve never been off the east coast US, so that would be a grand adventure for me 🙂

  10. Melinda says:

    So many adventures I want to take! South America, to meet our Compassion sponsor child, New Zealand, the Mediterranean…

  11. Christine says:

    Would love to watch these! My two oldest children are doing their own adventures in Australia, Africa and Taiwan. My daughter is leaving Monday morning for Taiwan and her brother will be returning from Australia a week later. Love reading/watching about other kids whose parents give them wings. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  12. Maureen says:

    My husband and I would love to travel cross country with our children ending up in Alaska to explore this beautiful state together as a family!

  13. Gretta says:

    We would love to take our kids and backpack Europe

  14. tereza crump says:

    I heard of the siblings before and I am looking for an opportunity to watch their videos. We are also unschoolers preparing to launch our own adventure to south america. 🙂 hope we win.

  15. Denise says:

    We’re working on selling the farm and travelling for a year. These dvd’s might help some of us get in the adventurous spirit.

  16. We’ve always talked about taking a month long (or more) voyage with the boys. We’ve discussed a bike trip, hiking and even possibly sailing. Hopefully we’ll do this some time this next year.

  17. Alicia says:

    I hadn’t heard of this before but now am going to have to introduce my three to it. Thanks for sharing!

  18. We would appreciate those DVDs here! They sound like remarkable stories!

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