I’m so excited right now because I get to finally share our new project that we have been planning and discussing ever since I found out that we were approved to move here!

If you were a homeschooling family and you had the chance to move across the world, experience another country and culture, and have it all payed for, wouldn’t you want to share your adventure?

Well – we might be weirdos for wanting to post it up all over the internetz, but as part of our “school” this year we decided to create a vlog of our experiences in Korea.

Before we left the states, I decided to buy Raven a nice video camera so she could document our travels. Our brains were working overtime and from there we concocted a master plan to create a YouTube channel and make videos to share with the world! Most people don’t know much about Korea, about military families who are stationed overseas, OR about unschooling. So we thought we would combine those things into informative a/v snippets.

For the kids, it will be a record of all they are learning about the language, the culture, and the world. For you – well we hope it will inform you about the same things and be entertaining.

I’m pleased to announce our brand new profile/page:

Unschoolers Have Seoul

Unschoolers Have Seoul blog pin


Don’t you just love that catchy title? We hemmed and hawed about what we were going to call our vlog – but that name just kept sticking in our brains.

Most of the time, the kids are going to choose when/what we record for the channel. I will be there to provide tips and hold the camera. So meet the stars of Unschoolers Have Seoul:

Unschooling Trio

  • Raven – 12 years old. Main director, second cameraman, serious one.
  • Denna – 8 years old. Journalist, linguistics pro, provides variety and song.
  • Gaius – 2 years old. Toucher of buttons, street greeter.

This happy trio would love to show you around our apartment in Itaewon!

The little cut in the video between the living area and the bedrooms was because I was trying to show off our intercom system and I ended up pressing the wrong button and setting off an alarm!  The kids thought that was hilarious.

You can keep up with all our future videos by subscribing to our channel on YouTube, liking us on Facebook, or adding Unschoolers Have Seoul to your Google+ circle.

We have been here for one week and already we have seen and done so many things. The kids were ready to start making videos right away but I suggested we get familiar with the surroundings and culture a little first so we can come back with the camera and know what we are talking about.

So far, the only things I have had to get used to in the apt. are the heated floors (which we barely run now that it is warmer), the converter boxes for our electronics (gotta shut them off when we leave), and the walking. We don’t have a car yet, and the walk to our apartment includes a giant hill with a steep incline. Not only that, but you constantly have to watch behind you for cars and scooters zooming up the road or you will get ran over!

We’ve gone for a walk almost every day for some reason or another.

Did I mention that we do a lot of walking?

Anyways, tonight we went out as a family to a traditional Korean restaurant and filled our bellies full of yummy stuff. Pork bbq, smoked duck (both were grilled right at our table on hot coals), Kimchi Stew, Bibimbap, and Green Onion Pancakes.

Jay also showed me how to make Bulgogi at home. It was divine.


Of course – the kids will want to create videos of all these things in the near future!

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6 Responses to A New Project: Unschoolers Have Seoul!

  1. Dawn @ TheMommaKnows.com says:

    THAT is very cool! I grew up as a Coast Guard kid and we moved every 6-18 months, but never took a station outside the US although we were offered Puerto Rico twice. We took Alaska instead, both times. Still, moving around was a neat experience. The only thing that would have made it better and easier on us kids was if we’d been homeschooled. We could move, we could make new friends, but integrating into new schools all the time was the HARDEST thing. I’m excited to see all of your videos! 🙂 (Shockwave crashed on me midway through the video so I have to figure that out. Sigh.)

    • I would imagine that moving schools would be the hardest. That was one of the reasons we chose to continue homeschooling – our oldest would have changed schools 3 times in 1 year at the very beginning.

      I grew up a farmer’s girl – in the same town until I was 18! I would have never imagined this would be my married life but we love it!

  2. Aadel — I loved watching this. Your children are all so vibrant and bright — I love it! What a grand adventure for all of you!

  3. Nicole Junkin says:

    This is wonderful! I love your kids! They are such a hoot. Raven dancing between her bedroom and yours made me smile. Can they sit in that little space by their window? I’ve made bulgogi too. so yummy! I will definitely be back to check in. Glad you guys are getting settled in.

    • There is room to sit up there but the bottom is not hard wood – more like particle board. And Gaius can undo the locks on the windows so we told them not to play up there.

  4. Amanda R says:

    Looks like fun! That will be my family in about a year and a half. We’re headed that way for our next station (we got side tracked last year to accommodate a birth). Don’t forget to take the advantage of the proximity to other Asian countries while you’re there!

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