Dragon drawing book

Raven had been eyeing a few drawing books at our local book store and when she begged me to get her one I sadly had to turn her down because they were $24 a piece and our budget was tight.

They were manga and graphic art drawing books that went through the basics of different styles in the genre. I admitted to her that they looked cool.  We even tried looking for them at the library but their selection of adult drawing books is nil. There was one book about drawing human faces – that was it.

Dragon wing

So guess how excited Raven was when we got a little Christmas money from family – and went to the book store the same week?

She was going to buy the “Basics of Manga” book but at the last minute she found a book on drawing all kinds of dragons.  Dragons won the day.

DragonArt book

Also in our Christmas money “splurge” was drawing books for Denna and more craft lace/cord to make knotted bracelets – something Raven learned to do while up in Wisconsin.

Christmas purchases

My portion of the Christmas money was wisely (ahem) spent on a new coffee maker.  I don’t know how many coffee makers we have gone through in our 12 years of marriage, but Jay and I agree that it is above average.

Our latest machine broke about 6 months ago – and I was so frustrated that I just decided to choke down instant coffee instead.  Gross.

So I got myself a nice Keurig – because I have heard everyone raving about theirs. I got an awesome deal – I got $20 back towards my grocery bill at Hy-Vee with the purchase of the machine and a pack of K-cups.

Anyways – this week Raven has been all about drawing dragons. She is working on perfecting the wings and ears.

long dragon ear

I really want to pull out our watercolor paints and set up our art studio again – but I know that we would just be taking it down again in a short while to move.  So I’m hoping we can set up a smallish area in our apartment in Korea for the girls to work on perfecting dragons.

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  1. I hear that there are lots of free manga drawing videos on YouTube. Have fun!

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