Foreign Language Tutoring: Anyplace, Anytime With italki

Our Korean has improved a lot, and we have had many rewarding exchanges with friendly people here. But quick conversations on the subway don’t always lead to the depth of understanding that I had hoped we would experience.

I was compensated for this review and we received free credits for the lessons through italki. All opinions expressed are my own and I was not required to give a positive review. Included in this review is my referral link – when you click it and sign up through me we get free credits for lessons. Thank you!

Did you know that Korean is considered a level 5 language for native English speakers to learn? That is the hardest level there is! Languages that are level 1 (considered close to English) take an estimated 23 weeks to learn. But to learn Korean it is estimated that you need 88 weeks!

So when I heard about italki, an online foreign language community that offers tutoring via Skype, I had to check it out!