Delight Directed 7th Grade

This year is a big one for Raven. She turns 13 here in just a couple of months, which means she “officially” gets to join the world of social media. The two she has been looking forward to the most are Facebook and DeviantArt.

She also enters into Jr. High as far as our homeschool goes. (It will always be Jr. High to me – not Middle School)

We’ve been talking a lot lately about her goals and what she wants to get out of these next few years. We all agree that we won’t have to have that pre-college “crunch time” if we start working now on figuring out what she likes doing and keeping track of all her learning.

And she does want to go to college – for certain things. We’re supporting her whatever direction she decides to go, but a couple of her interests include getting a degree in a specific field.