Who is to blame? Our immodest rape culture.

Rape has been all over the news and social media this week. And rightly so – because it’s an issue that is often thrown under the proverbial bus in both popular and Christian culture.

You have probably heard and read all the arguments already. You’ve seen the posts going around Facebook about how rapists are the ones at fault for their acts. Of course they are.

But then I see comments that also emphasize how our culture is immodest, and women flaunt their stuff and tease men and then expect them to behave.

I hear people talk about how modesty should be brought back, and that women can be a stumbling block in the way they dress and act.

I don’t mean to point the finger at people who say these things. I understand where the arguments are coming from. I’ve heard them all at least a thousand times in churches and discussions over the years.