Excuse me – but do you happen to know what happened to December?

I believe it has gone AWOL!

What is with this weather?  Ok – I won’t ask anymore because it will go away.  But seriously – it was 70 degrees here in Kansas today.

And so, for our unschooling show and tell I just had to share this gorgeous day!

We have been sick the past week with one of us being down with at least one ailment every day. The girls had stomach stuff, Gaius and I had mysterious fevers, then his turned into Roseola, and to top it off I came down with some nasty head/chest cold Saturday night.

The house is a mess because I felt like dying.  I realized that the kids were capable young beings because they fixed food, entertained themselves, and took care of brother while I was contemplating my demise in bed.

So today was a celebration because we all feel part of the human race again.

This morning – we left the house! 😮

We had to go deposit some money into the bank so Jay could pay his rent in Korea.  That whole process was way more challenging than I thought it would be.  He has to pay in Korean won – and the ATM will only let him take out (and thus exchange) so much a day.  Anyways – you would think in our day of technology it wouldn’t be very difficult to get money to him so he could withdraw it directly into Korean won.  It is difficult.  Especially when no one knows what their bank’s policy is on transfers.

So we went and took care of that.  And we ate lunch at a deli – because we could.

And then this afternoon the kids went outside because it was gorgeous!

They played archer – shooting down goblins and other conjured enemies.

It’s crazy to think that it is 3 days into December, and we haven’t had a frost yet.  My garden is confused – the broccoli started flowering for the second time.

Yet we are thankful for this weather.  We are grateful especially since they are already getting ice and snow in Korea.  And we are thankful for our yard – because we won’t have a private space to kick the kids outside here in a few months.

We will savor each warm Kansas day (and each frigid, windy Kansas day also).

Update on our move:

Our passports are in!  We can’t pick them up yet, though, until we have Jay’s amended orders.  So we are still waiting on paperwork.  Patiently waiting.

Ok – so I’m a nervous wreck.  But I’m trying my hardest to be patient with the process and trust God with every detail.

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  1. ticiaM says:

    We’re in t-shirts here too.

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