The crochet bug has hit me again this year.

I can’t seem to go through one winter without being convinced of a project to start.

This year it all started when the girls were looking at some very cute hats in the department store.  They are all the rage right now – knit hats with earflaps and tassles, all decorated to be various animals.

Raven and Denna both fell in love with them, but they were $15 a piece.

Of course Gaius saw them and wanted one too.

And so I promised them each their own animal hat.

I found a free crochet pattern for these cute owl hats (click the link to go to the pattern – sizes newborn to adult)

They didn’t ask for any other animals, so that is what we went with.  They each got to choose what accent color they wanted. I already had white and orange at home.

We used Hobby Lobby’s “I love this yarn!” brand of yarn.  I like it a lot better than Red Heart. It costs about the same, it is acrylic (easy to wash and durable for kids) but the texture is much softer and they have more color selection.

Gaius’ hat is done but he hasn’t let me catch him wearing it for a photo yet. His accent color is sage green.

Each hat took me about 3-4 hours to make.  The pattern is real simple, all double crochet rounds for the hat, half-double crochet for the ear flaps, and then you just make the eyes and nose to sew on.

The girls were getting rave reviews from everyone at church on Sunday when they wore their matching hats.

Now I am working on a hat for myself.  I chose this variegated teal/brown/grey yarn from Hobby Lobby that is fluffy and soft.

I figured I’m going to need a nice warm hat when we get to Korea.

Do you have any craft projects in the works right now?

If you don’t knit or crochet, you can make a fleece owl hat with some very simple sewing skills!

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2 Responses to Crochet Owl Hats – My Holiday Project

  1. Jamie Worley says:

    Oh good golly, those are cute! 🙂 We’ve done a bit of knitting in our house, but never crochet. This makes me want to learn!

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