Every year our church packs over 100 boxes to go to needy children all over the world through Operation Christmas Child.

We have already packed our individual boxes as a family, but past Saturday we got together and had a packing party at church to prepare the bulk of the boxes that we will send off.

Packing the boxes in bulk is a great way to fellowship with our spiritual family and save money on supplies since we can buy in bulk.

Gathering Supplies For Boxes

The two ladies that are in charge of our Operation Christmas Child ministry at church gather supplies all year round during sales, through donations, and by turning in things like used printer cartridges for credit at office supplies stores.

Most of the basic items we pack in each box (school supplies, toiletries, paper, candy, etc) can be found for very reasonable prices if you know when and where to look.

Toys, games, and other items are either donated or purchased in bulk by suppliers.

Getting Everyone Involved With Packing

After we get all our supplies sorted and set out on several large tables, packing is the easy part!  All of my kids get involved and this is one of their favorite activities at church.

You just grab a box, go around the tables, and fill it to the brim!

We do make sure that every box has at least these essentials:

  • Crayons
  • Washcloth & soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Hard candy (double bagged)
  • Pencil bag with a few school supplies

Each box is labeled for a boy or girl, and for an age group.

After all the boxes are packed, we use the leftover funds to put aside for shipping costs.  Each box that we back costs $7 to ship.  We also have a special offering during service for anyone that cares to help pay for shipping.

When I counted this morning at church, we had 124 boxes filled and ready to go!  Each box will go to a child that needs to know God loves them. This special little gift is not much for us here in America, but it could be the only gift some children have ever received in their life.

It’s Not Too Late To Pack A Box!

Operation Christmas Child

You still have 2 weeks to get a box filled and turned into a drop-off location!

Need some last minute ideas to fill your boxes?

For Older Kids:

  • Dice
  • Building toys (kinex, blocks, erector)
  • Padlock, flashlight, watch
  • Art supplies, stationary

For Middle Kids:

  • Doodle books, coloring, markers, pencils
  • Gloves, hats, scarves
  • Stickers
  • Hair accessories, shoelaces
  • Water bottles

For Little Kids:

  • Socks, shirts
  • Board picture books
  • Cups, spoons, containers
  • Small stuffed animals
  • Toy cars and animals (not too small)

Just remember these three NO’s when picking out your items:

NO used or out of date stuff (especially old candy or used clothing)

NO war-related items (weapons, military figures, fighting themes)

NO liquids or dangerous substances (shampoo, medication, glass, snow globes, etc)

Get Creative!

We like to leave a picture of our family or a little note in each box that we pack at home.

This year Denna decided to share her artwork that she made in the boxes she packed.  She wrote a little note to the child on the back of her painting or drawing and folded in neatly inside the box.  That way, the child will know a little bit about Denna and hopefully be cheered by her colorful art.

Pack each box with care and think about what you would like to receive if you were a child who had never had a gift before.  Some of the most common items to us are a blessing to a child who doesn’t have access to a store.

And above all, pray over the boxes.  You can use each box as an opportunity to pray for a child in need, or a nation who needs to hear about Jesus Christ.

Happy Packing!

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