That, ladies and gents, is my son in all his destructive glory.

I was a proud mama.

The night before I looked at that nail polish just sitting on the sink and thought, “I should really put that up.”

It wasn’t even a godly hour of the day – and I had to drive to Walmart to get nail polish remover pads.

But that is the thing about my son.  He keeps me on my toes.  If you are my friend on Facebook you have seen the status updates.  I have people ask me in person what antics he has been up to lately.

I have joked that I just need to start a blog called:

What My Son Did

It would be dedicated to all the near misses, the destruction, and also the cuteness that my son brings into our lives.

Because not only can he create havoc in 5 literal seconds, he balances that out with moments like these:

How can you stay upset at such a cute baby Batman?

Oh, I remember.  Because already this week he has:

  • attempted to eat air freshener beads
  • doused our dog with milk
  • sprayed febreeze into his bucket of toys
  • started ripping the foam out of my memory foam pillow (he figured out zippers – yay)
  • tried to break the glass doors at church with a rock
  • reset all my dishwasher settings so my dishes don’t get clean OR dry

Now I know why my husband wanted to call him Vash the Stampede – because he is a humanoid typhoon.

It’s not that he knows he is doing dangerous and destructive stuff.  He is just a busy, curious boy.

And a darn cute one.

My family seems to think I am getting some kind of payback for how I was at that age.  Ahem – no comment.

Did/do you have a kiddo that you can’t leave alone for 5 seconds? What shenanigans have they pulled?

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6 Responses to What My Son Did

  1. Mine put a whole tube of Desitin in his hair. Today’s helpful tip: it’ll come out if you use Dawn dish detergent as a shampoo.

  2. Sisterlisa says:

    hahahaha sigh*** yep..Monica.. she took scissors and entered the closet where hers, her sister’s and all my dresses hung..nice and clean ready for church services..and she made cuts in every single one as high as she could reach.

  3. Heather h. says:

    Chloe took a permanent marker to the cabinet and fridge of our rental home, when she was two. Thank goodness for the magic eraser!

  4. vitafamiliae says:

    Hilariously cute. Because he’s not mine. 🙂 I know mine did cute stuff, but honestly, I don’t remember it. That’s why I blog. So one day I can go back and laugh when it’s actually funny.

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