No, I don’t know that song.

*shocked faces*

This conversation happens about once a month for me.  Either I don’t know a “timeless worship classic” or a “modern radio hit” that all Christians are supposed to know.

I’m poking fun at myself as much as my worship team today, because in reality I don’t know a lot of Christian songs. Or bands.

I do know a lot of old hymns – mostly because 2 of our past churches sang exclusively hymns.

Here’s the deal.  I’m a drummer in a band.

I say band as in our worship band (I like “team” better) – in our small church in our small town.

It happens fairly often that when we go to practice our songs for the week that I don’t know one of them.  Or we may be talking about music and I am not familiar with a song or band.

It really doesn’t cause any problems for me.  I mean, I’m the drummer.  Who cares about chords and words – just give me a beat and I’ll play my heart out.

But I just find the reaction to me saying that I don’t know a song kind of funny.

I have never listened to Christian radio – not really.  There may have been a stint in Texas where I couldn’t find anything else and didn’t have a cd player.

My husband and I listen to music that is good – regardless of genre. Artistic, original, redeeming or though-provoking message – you know that stuff. (except for dubstep – there is no excuse for that)

A lot of the stuff we listen to is not even on the radio on any station.

I won’t tell you what my husband calls most modern Christian band music.

I don’t do Christian concerts.  The only one I attend is the free concert in the park down from my house each summer. {By the way – Mark Schultz played for free this year and it rocked socks}

I enjoy certain artists, and would enjoy their concerts.  But I don’t go to concerts to “get my worship on” or “experience God”.  I do that at home and with my fellow believers in our community.

I became a Christian in 2002.  So don’t expect me to know a lot of “classic” worship songs.

I know from experience that music can be a powerful influence in your life.  I also know that “good” music can have a horrible message.

For years, I was the song dissector.  I struggled with music, movies, and everything else.  I knew that some media was deceptive and destructive.  But I also knew that sanitizing everything and calling it Christian could be just as detrimental.

There are a lot of bad worship songs, in my opinion, but there are a lot of good ones, too.  -Michael W. Smith

Let’s face it – some Christian music and artists have terrible messages.  They may not cuss or talk about anything dirty, but they give a false view of reality and God’s will.

Even some old hymns stink and should be thrown in the trash – seriously.

And some pagan music, while not always great for sensitive ears, make you think about reality and spirituality.

So I don’t want to ever have a false sense of security that I am only listening to good, moral music because I have the Christian station programmed on my buttons.

Let me just say this – I trust my church family, and my worship team.  I like the music we play and I would say something if there was a questionable doctrine/message in a song.  And sometimes the pastor’s son plays Journey in between songs – and that makes me happy.  🙂

So while I might not know every song, I am willing to learn. And they have turned me onto some righteous Christian bands that I am now a fan of.

But -I’m just the drummer so who cares what I think. What do you think about Christian music?  What do you primarily listen to?

Would you like to jam out with me?  I’ve got my drumsticks at the ready.

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9 Responses to Christian Music, Pagan Music, and Worship Bands

  1. Monica says:

    first of all, that’s cool you are a drummer. I’ve always wanted to learn to play the drums. maybe someday I will seriously pursue it.

    as a teen, a lot of those songs helped and encouraged me to stay on the path. lots of Amy Grant, Mylon, Petra, Smitty. I was in it for the lyrics and the way it made me want more of the Lord. I had few Christian friends, wasn’t able to attend church Sundays for a sermon, so often listening to that music was it for me.

    now as an adult, I’ve moved on from only listening to CCM. I still love Caedmon’s Call, but have come to realize I can enjoy old 10,000 Manics too.

    • Ha- I only recognized one of those artists! But you are right. Music was a huge influence for me when I was first saved. Maybe that is why I know so many more hymns because our church sang them. They mean a lot more to me because they were so important to me at the time I learned them.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Some contemporary Christian stuff is just plain awful, especially the worship songs that get covered by 8 different bands and it seems that each band gets their fair share of air time with it. I just get bothered by the seeming lack of creativity. Anyhow, I’ll end my rant there. However, knowing you guys a little bit, I would check out the bands that lead worship at the various Mars Hill locations in the Seattle metro. Just a great music scene in that city to begin with, so there is no shortage of amazing musicians and Mars Hill is starting to put out stuff almost like the church has it’s own record label ministry type thing. I really like a lot of their stuff…specifically King’s Kaleidoscope, The Sing Team, and Citizens. Citizens’ “In Tenderness” is a cover of a hymn that is flat out fantastic!

  3. Coffeebeings says:

    My husband is a really talented musician, and we both appreciate good quality music. For instance, we love Iron & WIne, the Civil Wars, and Mumford & Sons. However, I listen to equal amounts of Jason Upton, and Bethel worship music. Both are typical par-for-the-course Christian worship style stuff, but their albums just completely lift my spirit and help me connect to God.

    • And connecting with God is worshiping in the Spirit – prompted by the song! I think there is a big difference between songs for worship and the Spirit prompting you to worship through a song. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Just stumbled onto your blog, saw Pagan Music in the title and got excited. It’s what we listen to, as well as much more. I just posted a song called I walk with the goddess on my blog as a matter of fact. Realize I was mistaken of course but it’s an interesting coincidence.

    • I realize that putting everything not Christian as “pagan” was probably confusing. Because I do know the difference between non-Christian and pagan. I have pagan friends, athiest friends, as well as friends who don’t align with any certain religion or spiritual belief. Thanks for stopping by and I will check out your song!

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