Welcome to the next installment of our Blood On The Border study, where we are learning about how the Civil War played out in the state of Kansas.

We have finally made it to the beginning of the war!

If you have missed out on all the fun, so far we have studied:

Just three months after Kansas became a state, the first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter, South Carolina.  Even before the violence erupted in the East, however, Kansas had been bleeding over the issue of slavery.  But the bloodiest days of Kansas history were still yet to come.

Abraham Lincoln And The Succession

Our main text for this part of the study was The Civil War Volume 1 from Chester Comix, along with our Read Kansas cards and a short biography on Abraham Lincoln.

Once you start getting into all the dates and numbers of the Civil War battles, it gets confusing and boring for kids.  So we focused a lot on telling the stories of the war through multimedia.

We started off with an overview of Abraham Lincoln’s life:

The First Fights Of The Civil War

We didn’t focus a lot on the battles of the war since this is a look at how it played out in Kansas and not an entire overview.  We did, however, cover the first and major battles.

Quantrill’s Raid On Lawrence

We focused back onto Kansas and read about the most famous attack in the state – Quantrill’s guerilla raid of Lawrence.

Lapbooking, Notebooking, and Activities

We are still working on our notebooking pages for Abraham Lincoln, but I will share with you the links that I plan to use:

And finally, we watched two additional videos and discussed them both in terms of the causes of the Civil War.  The first video is silly/comedy and the second is serious.

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