This week’s topic for our 10 in 10 post is to describe yourself.  I think that my hobbies say a lot about who I am as a person.

Here are my top ten favorite hobbies:

1. Quilting

I love to sew.  But I am not good at sewing clothes, or using patterns. So quilting works great for me because I can make mistakes and make up stuff as I go along.

I love vintage and mod fabrics and shopping at thrift stores for old sheets and skirts to cut apart is like therapy to my soul!

2. Crocheting

My mother tried to teach me how to crochet when I was in high school, but I didn’t really have the time or patience for it.

But when I was pregnant with Denna, I decided to give it another go.

As many teens and college kids who have gotten them as gifts will tell you, some of my favorite things to crochet are fingerless gloves.  The biggest project I have ever made was an afghan for Jay that he requested.

3. Blogging

Didn’t see that one coming did ya?  Ok- so maybe you did.

Blogging started out as a hobby for me.  I had a platform to share my thoughts, my writing, and my life.

It was a way to process and document the struggles and triumphs we were experiencing in homeschooling and military life (with Jay’s first deployment)- much like a journal or scrapbook is.

4. Studying Thought & Behavior

I read voraciously.  But I don’t read fiction very much.  What interests me is the humanities and liberal sciences.

Reading about the way humans think, behave, and form culture is a deep passion and hobby of mine.  My favorite topics are:

  • Theology
  • Philosophy
  • Behavioral & Cognitive Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Social Commentary/Satire

So you will find me reading some pretty heavy stuff.

5. Finding Resources on the Internet

Can I seriously list browsing the internet as a hobby?

Well, I love researching and finding resources, both physical and digital.  The internet is teeming with great stuff, a lot of it free.

So yah, I think it is a hobby.

And if I can’t find it, I make it.

6. The Public Domain

Along the lines of finding resources on the internet, one of my favorite hobbies is finding material in the public domain to use in my projects.

I love it so much that I created an entire website around this hobby.

7. Gaming

I remember the Christmas when we got our Super Nintendo. My sister, cousin, and I spent 3 days straight playing Super Mario Brothers.  It was pure bliss.

Ever since then, I have been a gamer.  Over the years, I have played mostly computer games.  I prefer to play alone, rather than with others.  But Jay and I do have games that we will play together.

I am a different gamer in that I don’t care if I “win” a game, or achieve accomplishments.  I play purely for myself.  In most games, I play the creative modes– building houses, messing around with characters, testing the games’ social interaction limits.

8. Physical Gaming

Our family loves board and card games just as much as we do video games.

The one game that I play with my husband- that we even go on dates to play together- is Magic:The Gathering.

9. Gardening

My garden isn’t doing so well in this heat/dry spell.  But over the past few years, I have developed a love for organic gardening.

The kids loves eating fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and even onions from our garden.  And it is a great learning tool.

10. Discussion

I love discussing topics with people.  Sometimes I wonder if I come off as a little argumentative.  But I don’t like arguments.

I love deep, rational discussions between friends on anything from education to politics.  Yes, I will talk politics IF you are respectful of my views.

It is hard to find people who want to discuss issues without a) trying to persuade you with logical fallacies, b) get emotional and offended, and/or c) being able to have your views listened to as well as respected.

That is why I find solace in a rare friend who loves to have a “heated discussion” with me!

What hobbies do you enjoy?  How do they fit in with your personality?

Do you have a top ten list for the week?  Link it up over at Many Little Blessings!

And be sure to check out all the other iHN participants over at the 10 in 10 blog hop!

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6 Responses to Ten Of My Favorite Hobbies

  1. Loved reading about your hobbies, Aadel!!!

    I love gaming, too… kind of a joke around here how much I love video games, but I don’t get to play them as much as I’d like!!!

    It was fun to learn more about you in this post 🙂

  2. I love your list! Lots of unexpected hobbies! 🙂 By the way, I found you from the Top Ten Tues link up!

  3. Paige says:

    Research is definitely a hobby :)!

  4. Loved reading this. I don’t quilt however just reading what you wrote makes me want to try again. Same with crocheting. My daughter is an avid knitter but thinks crochet is ‘too hard’. Games..LOVE them. My online games seem to be the kind that lets me be an awesome fighter chick, usually with a bow of some kind. Love all kinds of board games too. Internet searching as a hobby? I surely hope so!!! It is one of my favorite things to do. Love Public Domain also and have visiting your site MANY times! Great list. 🙂

    • Aadel says:

      I am the opposite of your daughter! I think knitting takes too long and crochet is fast and easy. ;0) Thanks for visiting many times!

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