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This weekend I almost missed a great learning adventure that went perfectly with our study of the Civil War in Kansas.

My friend notified me of the event just in time- and so we went to the Governor’s Day at the First Territorial Capital of Kansas, which just happens to be on Fort Riley!

My sister just happened to be visiting with her 3 kids, and so we all went together.

There were booths and demonstrations, pies, music, and fun!  The kids got to:

  • Watch a demonstration of how to make fire with a magnifying glass
  • Watch a cannon fire
  • Touch different furs and learn which animals they came from
  • View the inside of the history Territorial Capital building
  • Learn about Turkey Vultures and other birds of prey
  • Listen to Civil War-era music

The big event was a reenactment of the actual legislative meeting that happened in the very building in 1855.

Most of the legislators who came to Pawnee were sympathetic to the proslavery cause. They had been elected on March 30, 1855, with the aid of Missourians who had crossed the border to vote. The election had been contested by the free-state partisans, but the fraudulent votes helped to overwhelm them. Because of this illegal selection of representatives, the legislature became known to antislavery Kansans as the “bogus legislature,” and the laws it passed were called the “bogus laws.”  –kansaspedia

kansas history legislature civil war

The little kids were unable to sit through the entire reenactment on the second story of the non air-conditioned building in the 90 degree weather.  Raven did stay, sitting by some homeschool friends who just happened to be partaking in the learning activity too.

I was so glad that I was made aware of this event!  I made sure to grab an information card about the historic site to put in the girls’ notebooks!

The event was put on by the Historical & Archaeological Society of Fort Riley.  Local peeps- you can like them on Facebook.

I will be posting our next section of our study soon.  For now, you can check out all of my previous posts about our Blood on the Border, the Civil War in Kansas study!

What cool events or learning opportunities have you taken part in lately?

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